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Carousel live at Beat Generator, Dundee 2019

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Biffy Clyro at Lollapalooza, Paris 2019

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Album Review: Mima Merrow – Almost Home

By Jen O’Mahony A simply beautiful and elegant record. Belfast born and Glasgow based singer-songwriter Mima Merrow is returning with her debut album on the 23rd of September. Gaining previous success with her single ‘Freckles’ featuring on ”BBC Scotland” and ”BBC Radio 6 Music”, Merrow established herself as a talented poet and writer who isContinue reading “Album Review: Mima Merrow – Almost Home”

Kyle Falconer Coming to The Fringe – Sunday 14th August 2022

By Megan Hughes Over the years I’ve noticed similarities between myself and Kyle Falconer – we share a birthday just years apart and I spent a great deal of my youth being told I looked like him because of my curly hair.  Not exactly the compliment a fifteen year old girl was looking for.  However,Continue reading “Kyle Falconer Coming to The Fringe – Sunday 14th August 2022”

INTERVIEW: Jesse James Wood, Not Quite The American Outlaw But An English Musician Making Waves Just The Same

By Megan Hughes The year was 1993, Gary Stringer and Jack Bessant were looking for band members.  Unbeknownst to them they were about to form a group with the four people who were going to release a Gold selling debut album in 1995. The band became well known and acclaimed for their numerous chart toppingContinue reading “INTERVIEW: Jesse James Wood, Not Quite The American Outlaw But An English Musician Making Waves Just The Same”

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