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Carousel live at Beat Generator, Dundee 2019

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Biffy Clyro at Lollapalooza, Paris 2019

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Jack Hinks courts introspection in melancholy ‘The Emperor’

[Jack Hinks – ‘The Emperor’ art] By Sandy Power Edinburgh-based singer-songwriter and producer Jack Hinks continues with his series of songs circling the stages of grief with a morose study of depression in ‘The Emperor’. The song resides in solitude, glancing at the introspection of grief and pointing to sacrifice, maturity and change. In theContinue reading “Jack Hinks courts introspection in melancholy ‘The Emperor’”

‘Whispers’ are all Sapienn needs in order to be heard

[Sapienn – ‘Whispers’ single art] By Sandy Power Sapienn is the solo project of Glasgow singer-songwriter Scott Simpson. The multi-instrumentalist, who spent his formative years as a guitarist in the city’s underground metal scene, has seen his solo acoustic project grow arms and legs over the last year or so, with broader arrangements and stylisticContinue reading “‘Whispers’ are all Sapienn needs in order to be heard”

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