Spotify Playlists 2020

A playlist for everyone…

Connor Adam’s Top 20

So I’ve curated a playlist of 20 songs mixing between my all time favourites bands and best new bands. Some tracks I’ve discovered last month some have been playing into my ears for years but this is what I have managed to put together; I start with probably my favourite band of all time ArcticContinue reading “Connor Adam’s Top 20”

Black Lives Matter Playlist

We need to continue to educate ourselves, continue to raise our voices, continue to protest, continue to share our knowledge that we’ve learnt and most importantly continue the fight…

Playlist by Orla Brady for The Music Files Blog

For this playlist, I have put together a selection of tracks that I have been repeatedly listening to during lockdown. Music has always been something that has helped me through difficult times in life, but over this period of uncertainty and concern surrounding the Coronavirus pandemic, it has remained one of the few hopeful consistencies.Continue reading “Playlist by Orla Brady for The Music Files Blog”

Spotify Monthly Playlist – May 2020

It’s incredible to see how many bands/ musicians have been working hard to keep our spirits high by releasing some incredible new tracks! May has been an exceptional month for new releases making this month’s playlist over 5 hours long!! Have a listen below to our favourite May releases below…

Writers Recommendations – Amanda Kilfeather

Listen here: It’s been a mad couple of months, this pandemic patter ae? This year was set up to be a bit of a rollercoaster as it was, particularly these last few weeks – I should’ve been wrapping up the last few days of my undergrad degree, and celebrating final exams with pints andContinue reading “Writers Recommendations – Amanda Kilfeather”

The Music Files Top Tracks – April Releases

April was an incredible month for new music releases from the likes of Beta Waves, Static Satellites, The Dunts, Baby Strange, Snash, Vansleep, Scott Beaton, Tash Sultana, Megan Black, Leaving Bordeaux, Plastic Glass, Kieran Fisher, The Ritz, Shanghai Treason, Black Dove, The Ranzas, DMAS, False Friends, The Links, Fauves, Man of the Minch and more…

Spotify Playlists: Myrren Porter’s Song Recommendations

As we prepare for further lockdown procedures for the forthcoming weeks, The Music Files have youcovered. This week’s playlist is the perfect excuse to kick back in your garden with your favouritetipple and chill out in the sun. The playlist consists of numerous songs that will allow you to find some inner peace while thecountryContinue reading “Spotify Playlists: Myrren Porter’s Song Recommendations”

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