SONG REVIEW: Stephen Medd – Sisters of Saint Joseph

By Jeanette Arsenault The first thing that comes to mind when I hear *Sisters of Saint Joseph* by Canadian balladeer Stephen Medd is: “Wow.  He reminds me of Stan Rogers!”. For you non-Canadians, Rogers was a well-known, well-loved Canadian historical folk/roots balladeer from the East Coast revered as a masterful singer/songwriter.  Look him up onContinue reading “SONG REVIEW: Stephen Medd – Sisters of Saint Joseph”

ALBUM REVIEW: Connor Fyfe – Don’t

Up until now, I have been only writing song reviews and to be honest, I really wasn’t sure I wanted to write about albums because then you have to listen to all the songs, hope you like them, pick out your faves, try to say something nice about the ones you don’t like.  Be polite. Continue reading “ALBUM REVIEW: Connor Fyfe – Don’t”