Jodie Rae lays all her cards on the table on vulnerable debut single ‘Creepin’

[Artwork credit: Shot by Will] By Kieran Cannon The very first single by Scottish singer-songwriter Jodie Rae has landed – and it’s a pretty powerful statement of intent. Based in and around the west coast of Scotland, Jodie has dedicated herself to thespian pursuits for some time before rediscovering her passion for music a coupleContinue reading “Jodie Rae lays all her cards on the table on vulnerable debut single ‘Creepin’”

Cameo Habitat Explore Personal Development and Outgrowing Circumstances in New Release Trace of Self

By Megan Hughes  A track full of teenage angst that battles with being who you are and finding self acceptance in that regardless of the opinion of others. Up and coming Edinburgh band Cameo Habitat are an all boy, five piece group. These guys first made waves  when they appeared on the scene with a singleContinue reading “Cameo Habitat Explore Personal Development and Outgrowing Circumstances in New Release Trace of Self”

Julian Skiboat – ‘Flowers’ [Single Review]

By Kristoffer Hilmarsson The 24-year-old multi-instrumentalist, Julian Skiboat, has been giving wings to his latest release ”flowers”. With laid back and lazy melodies Julian wishes, in his own words, to dive into that feeling of it could be worse and we can make it through this. His debut EP, ‘Nice to meet you’ has garneredContinue reading “Julian Skiboat – ‘Flowers’ [Single Review]”

Single Review: Lizzie Reid – Seamless

One word that’s been used regularly to describe Lizzie Reid’s second single ‘Seamless’ is “personal”. However, she’s stumbled upon something much more universal than personal. The follow up to ‘Tribute’ might have been based on any of our stories of love and loss, and it is a tale told so effortlessly and honestly that Reid’sContinue reading “Single Review: Lizzie Reid – Seamless”

Single Review: Mute The TV – Only The Good Times Matter

Mute The TV is the project of Crampton brothers, Dylan and Elliot, from County Wicklow in Ireland. Although the town of Greystones might not be exactly where your mind wanders in pursuit of a sun soaked break, perhaps the sea air has blown in some summer influences from further afield than the Irish Sea. TheContinue reading “Single Review: Mute The TV – Only The Good Times Matter”

Single Review: In Earnest – Put Me Under

by Kieran Cannon Following their highly successful Carousel project, Essex indie trio Sarah, Thomas and Toby have started afresh as In Earnest. Released on April 17th, debut single Put Me Under offers a stark and uncompromising insight into the singer’s own struggles with mental health – with a rather sweet ode to (wo)man’s best friendContinue reading “Single Review: In Earnest – Put Me Under”

Vansleep’s “Acid Weather” Goes Down A Storm

I can quite confidently say I have been in love with Aberdeen’s finest indie outfit Vansleep’s  track “Acid Weather” since a live lounge version of the song was dropped earlier on in the year …. In all honestly I have been anticipating its release from that moment.  The tune starts small and intimate , almostContinue reading “Vansleep’s “Acid Weather” Goes Down A Storm”

Single Review: BETA WAVES – Hideaway

by Kieran Cannon Living through these crazy times, it’s more important than ever to focus on the positives – particularly the sheer quantity of great new music keeping us entertained. One such example comes courtesy of Dundonian electronic duo BETA WAVES, who have just dropped their latest single. Entitled Hideaway (apt, whether by accident orContinue reading “Single Review: BETA WAVES – Hideaway”

An Interview with DMA’S

This week, we caught up with Johnny Took, the guitarist from Australian phenomenon the DMA’s. We chat all about their favourite Scottish bands, their latest album, The Glow which is due out next month and of course that viral video of their lead singer, Tommy performing with local musician, Adam Frame. Read all about itContinue reading “An Interview with DMA’S”

Single Review – Dictator: Anthem for A Doomed Youth

by Jeanette Arsenault When I first googled the title of  the Dictator’s new single “Anthem For a Doomed Youth” up came a poem by Wilfred Owen from 1917 which begins with: “What passing-bells for these who die as cattle?  Only the monstrous anger of the guns” Then I read an interview on The Fountain websiteContinue reading “Single Review – Dictator: Anthem for A Doomed Youth”