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Single Review: Out of the Swim – Through the Floors of a Starry Night (feat. Adam Stafford)

Falkirk/Glasgow four-piece Out of the Swim are gearing up release their upcoming collaborative EP The University of Skinflats. ‘Through the Floors of a Starry Night’ is the launch single and it will be released at the end of this month, alongside the full EP. The track is a collaboration with renowned musician Adam Stafford, andContinue reading “Single Review: Out of the Swim – Through the Floors of a Starry Night (feat. Adam Stafford)”

SINGLE REVIEW: White Novels – ‘There’s No Happiness’

By Jay Roberts ‘White Novels’ – a new project masterminded by multi-instrumentalist Jack Bestow – have released their poignant and immersive new single ‘There’s No Happiness’. This new hotly anticipated single comes after the band released their debut single ‘On The Bottle’, which attracted some rave reviews at the start of June. ‘There’s No Happiness’Continue reading “SINGLE REVIEW: White Novels – ‘There’s No Happiness’”

EP Review: The Recreation – For Tessa, With Affection, April ’76.

I have been a massive fan of The Recreation for just over a year now. On the 3rd July they released a six track EP called “For Tessa, With Affection, April ’76”. The Oldham band have quickly made a name from themselves over the past few years through touring the UK and releasing songs likeContinue reading “EP Review: The Recreation – For Tessa, With Affection, April ’76.”

Single Review: Tony Goff and The Broken Colours – Rearrange

By Ryan McConnell Bringing the funk and feel good factor is the brilliant Tony Goff and the Broken Colours with their latest single, Rearrange. The quartet – hailing from High Wycombe – offer up a joyful sounding instrumental filled with catchy guitar hooks, trumpets and a steady beat throughout which all work harmoniously in givingContinue reading “Single Review: Tony Goff and The Broken Colours – Rearrange”

EP Review: Katie O – Chamber

By Orla Brady Singer and musician Catherine O’Halloran, otherwise known by the stage name – Katie O, released her debut EP Chamber, last month. Prior to creating the Katie O persona, O’Halloran developed an impressive musical career. Her vocals have featured on the soundtrack to several Hollywood films, including the 2007 Oscar winning film ‘TheContinue reading “EP Review: Katie O – Chamber”

Single Review: Phoebe Marshall – If You Begged For Me, Would I Have Stayed?

Leeds based indie-pop artist, Phoebe Marshall, leans into her pop sensibilities in second single ‘If You For Begged Me, Would I Have Stayed?‘. ‘Don’t Tell Her’, the debut single from Phoebe Marshall, could easily feature at the start of a 2000s indie romance featuring Michael Cera on a soundtrack alongside the likes of The MoldyContinue reading “Single Review: Phoebe Marshall – If You Begged For Me, Would I Have Stayed?”

“Pebbles”: The NEW SINGLE from Scruffy Bear.

By Amanda Kilfeather. Scruffy Bear are back with another screamer of a single, “Pebbles“. Life in lockdown has proved no chance of hindering these guys’ creativity and determination – they’ve hosted livestream shows from their new Band HQ, collaborated on covers with equally-talented artists, all whilst working away behind the scenes on yet another impressiveContinue reading ““Pebbles”: The NEW SINGLE from Scruffy Bear.”

Album Review – Kevin Daniel Cahill: Dynasties

by Chelsea Ness Scottish contemporary guitarist, Kevin Daniel Cahill has truly exceeded his musical talents with his utterly gripping album, Dynasties. The creativity, skill and raw flair presented vastly throughout the eight track instrumental album. Listeners will inevitably be drawn in at the first instance. If you’ve read any of my previous articles then youContinue reading “Album Review – Kevin Daniel Cahill: Dynasties”

SONG REVIEW: Fairweather Friends – Where The River Flows

By Jeanette Arsenault I needed that.  A calming, soothing song called *Where The River Flows* by Fairweather Friends.   The world needs more of this right now.  The COVID-19 pandemic scared most of us into various states of anxiety.  Apprehension slowly transitioned into reluctant acceptance and now, gradually, we are poking our noses out ofContinue reading “SONG REVIEW: Fairweather Friends – Where The River Flows”

Alex Ohm releases heartfelt track ‘Hours’ in aid of mental health charity – MIND

We all suffer from low points in life with our own mental states at one point or another – some more than others. Periods of self illusion lost within our own negative thoughts, feeling alone and distanced from those who care – self assuming that no one does. The biggest obstacle though is with howContinue reading “Alex Ohm releases heartfelt track ‘Hours’ in aid of mental health charity – MIND”

Single Review: Matt Boylan-Smith – We Dream of River Songs

By Chelsea Ness We discover music from all parts of the world due to the impressive power of social media and that’s exactly how I came across Australian award-winning multi-instrumentalist, Matt Boylan-Smith and his latest single, We Dream of River Songs. Funny story actually… I first discovered Matt when he tagged The Music Files blogContinue reading “Single Review: Matt Boylan-Smith – We Dream of River Songs”

Declan Milne’s DEBUT Single – “She Loves You”.

Written by Amanda Kilfeather Declan Milne returns to his roots as a solo act, with his new single. Delving deeper into the indie-pop sound developed with five-piece Feels Like Thursday, his experimental freedom found in lockdown has resulted in the undeniably infectious debut track “She Loves You”. I caught up with Declan shortly after theContinue reading “Declan Milne’s DEBUT Single – “She Loves You”.”

Single Review: Asthmatic Harp – To the Boats (feat. Sophie Kilburn)

By Orla Brady Hailing from her native country of Denmark, Glasgow-based songwriter and composer Hannah Fredsgaard-Jones, otherwise known under the stage name of Asthmatic Harp, has released her new single To The Boats this month. She is joined by her fellow Roundhouse Resident Artist, singer-songwriter Sophie Kilburn, on the track and their vocal collaboration flowsContinue reading “Single Review: Asthmatic Harp – To the Boats (feat. Sophie Kilburn)”

Single Review: The Joyful Sadness – Perfect Alibi

by Orla Brady Listening to Perfect Alibi, the new track from Preston-based project The Joyful Sadness, we are provided with an honest insight into a haunting recollection of a past relationship. This is achieved through both poetic lyrics, impassioned vocals and dark synth-pop, each of which form and create the emotion of the track. RatherContinue reading “Single Review: The Joyful Sadness – Perfect Alibi”

Single Review: Maya Delilah – I’m Just Stupid

By Alana Strange Maya Delilah recently released her single ‘I’m Just Stupid’ making it the fourth single from her upcoming EP which is set to be released later in June this year. This single comes just after Maya’s charity single ‘Safe’ with funds supporting University College London Hospitals. Maya has a dedicated following and it’sContinue reading “Single Review: Maya Delilah – I’m Just Stupid”

Manchester Indie Rock band, Rundown releases two new tracks with all proceeds being donated to the NHS

By Chelsea Ness Everyone has had to adapt to new life changes over the last few months during lockdown and as much as it’s not been the most ideal of circumstances, I’ve been using most of my free time keeping up with the latest upcoming bands over the UK. My latest discovery being Manchester’s veryContinue reading “Manchester Indie Rock band, Rundown releases two new tracks with all proceeds being donated to the NHS”

SONG REVIEW: Stephen Medd – Sisters of Saint Joseph

By Jeanette Arsenault The first thing that comes to mind when I hear *Sisters of Saint Joseph* by Canadian balladeer Stephen Medd is: “Wow.  He reminds me of Stan Rogers!”. For you non-Canadians, Rogers was a well-known, well-loved Canadian historical folk/roots balladeer from the East Coast revered as a masterful singer/songwriter.  Look him up onContinue reading “SONG REVIEW: Stephen Medd – Sisters of Saint Joseph”

Song Review: Eighty Ninety – Know Me

By Jeanette Arsenault There is something to be said about simplicity.   In these COVID-19 pandemic days, everyone’s life is in some degree of chaos – be it health, loss/reduction of income/work, loss of freedom to go where and when we want, overworked frontliners and behindliners (delivery drivers, warehouse workers, suppliers, distributors), too. Our soulsContinue reading “Song Review: Eighty Ninety – Know Me”

Discotheque indie four piece, The Roov have truly outdone themselves with their latest release, Boys

by Chelsea Ness Hailing from Lossiemouth, disco soul rock n roll outfit, The Roov are quickly becoming one of the biggest players in the Scottish music scene. From sharing a stage with Nile Rogers and CHIC at Belladrum Festival, their tracks reaching hundreds of thousands of streams on Spotify and now the successful release ofContinue reading “Discotheque indie four piece, The Roov have truly outdone themselves with their latest release, Boys”

Mansion Harlots | Happier Alone/Until We Work It Out Tomorrow (Live session)

By Ryan McConnell Mansion Harlots began life as an emerging act in England in the late 90’s – releasing two demo discs in 1997 and the latter in 1998, the group then disbanded the following year. Fast forward 20 years and a move across the pond to the USA the band are back with theirContinue reading “Mansion Harlots | Happier Alone/Until We Work It Out Tomorrow (Live session)”

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