Spotify Playlists: Writer’s Recommendations – Kieran Cannon

by Kieran Cannon Chronic indecisiveness strikes again. It’s no lie to say I spent hours messing about with the contents of this playlist, but I managed to arrive at something that (just about) represents all the tunes I’ve enjoyed over the past few weeks. Needless to say I’ll change my mind again by the timeContinue reading “Spotify Playlists: Writer’s Recommendations – Kieran Cannon”

The Music Files Top Tracks – April Releases

April was an incredible month for new music releases from the likes of Beta Waves, Static Satellites, The Dunts, Baby Strange, Snash, Vansleep, Scott Beaton, Tash Sultana, Megan Black, Leaving Bordeaux, Plastic Glass, Kieran Fisher, The Ritz, Shanghai Treason, Black Dove, The Ranzas, DMAS, False Friends, The Links, Fauves, Man of the Minch and more…

Spotify Playlist: Writer’s Recommendations

By Ryan McConnell My round on the old playlist assembly. It’s a harder task than you’d think, man. Too many tunes floating around the old noodle. But I’ve managed to whittle it down to 22 of my most played songs throughout the past few weeks on house arrest. It’s a cracker, sure! I’ll talk youContinue reading “Spotify Playlist: Writer’s Recommendations”

Spotify Playlists: Myrren Porter’s Song Recommendations

As we prepare for further lockdown procedures for the forthcoming weeks, The Music Files have youcovered. This week’s playlist is the perfect excuse to kick back in your garden with your favouritetipple and chill out in the sun. The playlist consists of numerous songs that will allow you to find some inner peace while thecountryContinue reading “Spotify Playlists: Myrren Porter’s Song Recommendations”

Our Photographer’s Music Recommendations: Top 20

This week, our photographers, Kayleigh and Lorna give you their top 20 recommended songs and explain why certain tracks made it to the list… By Kayleigh Bissett and Lorna Goldsmith Here we have our top 20 picks of our photographers choice playlist. Featuring some of the artists we have both taken photos for and othersContinue reading “Our Photographer’s Music Recommendations: Top 20”