Writer Recommendations: Fearghal’s Top 20

Here’s a list of 20 tunes that I love. There’s not much logic behind this one. There’s a few great pop tunes, a few of the bands that have shaped my music taste, a few thrown in to make me look cooler and a few discoveries I made that I thought were new but turnedContinue reading “Writer Recommendations: Fearghal’s Top 20”

Lauryn’s Lockdown Top 20

Welcome back to The Music Files Top 20 lockdown tunes! This week it is my turn to show you lovely people what I’ve had on repeat since lockdown started. The playlist consists of some 50’s, 60’s, some classics and some new belter’s that have been released by some local bands that i cant get enoughContinue reading “Lauryn’s Lockdown Top 20”

Playlist by Orla Brady for The Music Files Blog

For this playlist, I have put together a selection of tracks that I have been repeatedly listening to during lockdown. Music has always been something that has helped me through difficult times in life, but over this period of uncertainty and concern surrounding the Coronavirus pandemic, it has remained one of the few hopeful consistencies.Continue reading “Playlist by Orla Brady for The Music Files Blog”

Writers Recommendations – Amanda Kilfeather

Listen here: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/1ToJQnYJSlJm1xBPdgUJo1?si=S0-2IKQORMuqYbfrC7Qbcg It’s been a mad couple of months, this pandemic patter ae? This year was set up to be a bit of a rollercoaster as it was, particularly these last few weeks – I should’ve been wrapping up the last few days of my undergrad degree, and celebrating final exams with pints andContinue reading “Writers Recommendations – Amanda Kilfeather”

Spotify Playlist: Writer’s Recommendations – Emily Duff

by Emily Duff It’s been pretty hard to narrow it down – it was initially 50 songs. I’ve managed to narrow it down but it’s very random – or eclectic, that makes it sound cool. Below, I’ve written a few explanations. Enjoy the playlist. As the World Falls Down – David Bowie Bowie is myContinue reading “Spotify Playlist: Writer’s Recommendations – Emily Duff”