Listen, I get it. The 90’s were great and Oasis are very cool and all that AND, yes it’s notvery cool to like pop music when at your “Paul Weller & Dark Fruits Vespa club” but, therock you’ve been cemented under isn’t as fashionable as it used to be. While being trapped, you have missedContinue reading “SIIGHTS ‘BETTER NOW’ | SINGLE REVIEW | BY CRAIG-RUSSELL HORNE”

E.P Review | Craig-Russell Horne – Restoration

The E.P we’ve all been waiting for is finally here! Independent Electronic singer songwriter and producer, Craig-Russell Horne only released ‘Restoration’ last week and already it’s received over 3000 streams… this is just the start of what’s to come for the Glaswegian musician. The E.P is four tracks long of electronic-pop brilliance. Each song hasContinue reading “E.P Review | Craig-Russell Horne – Restoration”