Glaswegian singer songwriter, Hannah Slavin has just released the video for her latest single, ‘I Don’t Give a Fuck About You’ and it’s definitely the ultimate ‘fuck you’ song we all need in our lives. The video, which was released on Sunday aka International Women’s Day, was produced by a full female production team. ConsideringContinue reading “SINGLE REVIEW | HANNAH SLAVIN – I DON’T GIVE A FUCK ABOUT YOU”

Single Review: PLANET | Imaginary

By Ryan McConnell The PLANET boys are back, and sounding out of this world on their latest single ‘Imaginary’ ahead of the release of their new EP ‘Maybe Someday’ out April 17th. I first came across the band back in 2018 when they supported DMA’s at the Barrowlands (Glasgow) and immediately became hooked. Many peopleContinue reading “Single Review: PLANET | Imaginary”

Single Review | Pretoria : Skinny Dip

Gone are the days when writing a song meant you had to “hook” them within the first 30-seconds.  No one has that kind of time anymore in this zoom zoom world where people have an attention span of about 5 seconds. You’ve got to write a song that grabs your listener in from the firstContinue reading “Single Review | Pretoria : Skinny Dip”

Single Review – Dictator: Anthem for A Doomed Youth

by Jeanette Arsenault When I first googled the title of  the Dictator’s new single “Anthem For a Doomed Youth” up came a poem by Wilfred Owen from 1917 which begins with: “What passing-bells for these who die as cattle?  Only the monstrous anger of the guns” Then I read an interview on The Fountain websiteContinue reading “Single Review – Dictator: Anthem for A Doomed Youth”

Single Review: Nick Byrne – Houses

By Jeanette Arsenault OK.  Full disclosure – Nick Byrne’s latest single, “Houses” had me at the opening guitar intro.  And then I heard his voice.  Can a person be hooked that quickly?  Usually I like to read the lyrics, feel the song and see how it impresses me and then decide what I will writeContinue reading “Single Review: Nick Byrne – Houses”

Single Review : Plastic Barricades – Optimist

Sometimes you like a song because the music is catchy or it’s a great production or it has a great video.  “Optimist” by Plastic Barricades (Dan Kert & Paul Love) has all these things plus something I look for in a song – insightful, clever lyrics that bring you right into the heart of theContinue reading “Single Review : Plastic Barricades – Optimist”


Listen, I get it. The 90’s were great and Oasis are very cool and all that AND, yes it’s notvery cool to like pop music when at your “Paul Weller & Dark Fruits Vespa club” but, therock you’ve been cemented under isn’t as fashionable as it used to be. While being trapped, you have missedContinue reading “SIIGHTS ‘BETTER NOW’ | SINGLE REVIEW | BY CRAIG-RUSSELL HORNE”