The SAY Award 2020

The SAY (Scottish Album of the Year) award is one of the biggest nights in the Scottish music scene and this year for the first time ever, the ceremony will be broadcasted digitally though a YouTube premier! Join hosts Nicola Meighan and Vic Galloway for a night of celebrating this year’s top 10 shortlisted albumsContinue reading “The SAY Award 2020”

Columbia “Fat Catz” Review

“Fat Catz” encapsulates the amazing raw power that Columbia possesses from their live act and have put it into a short and sweet anthem. “Fat Catz” has everything from powerful raw vocals, pumping drums and a britpop esque guitar hero solo to end, you’ll be hard to find something in the track that doesn’t catchContinue reading “Columbia “Fat Catz” Review”

Single Release – ANDREWBATES ‘My Love.’

The latest release by 20-year old Andrew Bates, is on track to be his best yet. The standard of music the young musician is producing, is so high that it’s hard to believe he only released his first single just under a year ago. The self-taught artist blends pop-dance music with R&B influences, creating hisContinue reading “Single Release – ANDREWBATES ‘My Love.’”

Single Review: Lizzie Reid – Seamless

One word that’s been used regularly to describe Lizzie Reid’s second single ‘Seamless’ is “personal”. However, she’s stumbled upon something much more universal than personal. The follow up to ‘Tribute’ might have been based on any of our stories of love and loss, and it is a tale told so effortlessly and honestly that Reid’sContinue reading “Single Review: Lizzie Reid – Seamless”

Single Review : Johnny Lloyd – Suze

By Chelsea Ness Tribes frontman, Johnny Lloyd has taken a different approach with his latest solo track, ‘Suze’ ahead of his brand new album, ‘Cheap Medication’. Suze provides a peaceful, calming sensation which inevitably leaves listeners feeling a sense of inspiration. Right from the get-go, the sweet wholesome sound of the acoustics blend together blissfullyContinue reading “Single Review : Johnny Lloyd – Suze”

Album Review: The Jaded Hearts Club – You’ve Always Been Here

Supergroup The Jaded Hearts Club have premiered their debut album this month (2nd Oct) and we at The Music Files are totally obsessed.  Forming in 2017 by Blur guitarist Jamie Davis, the group originally called ‘Dr Pepper’s Jaded Hearts Club band were created and performed plentiful covers by The Beatles before expanding and covering tracksContinue reading “Album Review: The Jaded Hearts Club – You’ve Always Been Here”

Single Review: The A.V Club – Real Love

Warrington’s very own The A.V Club are back with their newest single ‘Real Love’. After the band released their amazing single ‘Over U’ back in July as part of their groovy new branding that the band are calling ‘Phase Two’ of their exciting journey they have just released their second single of the new phaseContinue reading “Single Review: The A.V Club – Real Love”

Liverpool’s SeaGoth drop’s latest track Dreamworld

If I had to give my band or musical project a super cool name , I feel like SEAGOTH is definitely in the list of the names I would consider…. Sadly though that name is taken by Liverpools own aforementioned Seagoth , the musical project of Georgia Ochoa. Her latest offering ‘Dreamworld’ is a pieceContinue reading “Liverpool’s SeaGoth drop’s latest track Dreamworld”

Single Review: Fake Lips – Rise

by Emily Duff Fake Lips have just dropped their second single, Rise. Made up of two men, Gary and Michael, who brag that they’re the same age with the same interests and in the same town, they met online as adults and formed the duo we now know as Fake Lips.  Previously forming the bandContinue reading “Single Review: Fake Lips – Rise”

Single Review: Django Django | Spirals

Django Django are a band I have long been aware of but had never properly listened to – that was of course until now when I was asked to give them a spin and share my thoughts on the London based outfit’s first release in two years and lets just say, they now have myContinue reading “Single Review: Django Django | Spirals”