Liverpool’s SeaGoth drop’s latest track Dreamworld

If I had to give my band or musical project a super cool name , I feel like SEAGOTH is definitely in the list of the names I would consider…. Sadly though that name is taken by Liverpools own aforementioned Seagoth , the musical project of Georgia Ochoa. Her latest offering ‘Dreamworld’ is a pieceContinue reading “Liverpool’s SeaGoth drop’s latest track Dreamworld”

Writer’s Playlist – Amlo Rogers

Happy Bank Holiday Monday! I suppose the definition of weekend has completely changed in the current landscape but I thought I’d share a playlist of absolute bangers I’ve been in love with over the last few weeks that you can sip your afternoon rums to in the garden! But let me tell you the highlightsContinue reading “Writer’s Playlist – Amlo Rogers”

False Friends’ “Dress Like A Tourist” Stands Out From The Crowd

After seeing False Friends live in March (one of my last gigs I attended pre corona may I add)  I have been extremely in love with them , not to mention their single ‘Rebuild’ is constantly spinning on my sad playlist. The indie outfit are a breath of fresh air to Scotland’s diverse indie sceneContinue reading “False Friends’ “Dress Like A Tourist” Stands Out From The Crowd”

Vansleep’s “Acid Weather” Goes Down A Storm

I can quite confidently say I have been in love with Aberdeen’s finest indie outfit Vansleep’s  track “Acid Weather” since a live lounge version of the song was dropped earlier on in the year …. In all honestly I have been anticipating its release from that moment.  The tune starts small and intimate , almostContinue reading “Vansleep’s “Acid Weather” Goes Down A Storm”

Go To Girl / Honesty / Single Review

I’ve been in love with Edinburgh 4 piece Go To Girl since their debut “Shake” had me singing along in the car for weeks and their new tune “Honesty” looks to be quickly following the same route. The track serves up all types of powerful sass , driven by the soulful tones of lead singerContinue reading “Go To Girl / Honesty / Single Review”