An Interview with Pleasure Heads

By Paola Mancini This week, we caught up with Falkirk’s very own fuzzy pop outfit, Pleasure Heads to discuss writing during lockdown, their most memorable gig to date and their upcoming single, Cosmopolis which is out this Friday (17th July)! Find out everything below… In a nutshell, ‘Cosmopolis’ expresses “impassioned desire to break free ofContinue reading “An Interview with Pleasure Heads”

Single Review : Beta Waves – I Had You Wrong

by Paola Mancini, July 2nd 2020 Played this song while in the car with my brother and he said he felt like he’d stepped back to an 80s disco. And I think that’s exactly what the segue of this song intended to do. A little nod to Tame Impala with the psychedelic vibes before explodingContinue reading “Single Review : Beta Waves – I Had You Wrong”

Single Review : Garlands – Where Things Belong

By Paola Mancini The first 14 seconds of this song had me feeling like I had just stepped into an American 90s feel good movie; the likes of “10 Things I Hate About You” or “Clueless”. Probably not the comparison Garlands are dreaming of ideally, but those first 14 seconds made me feel nostalgic aboutContinue reading “Single Review : Garlands – Where Things Belong”