Socially Distant Spins with Fake Lips

This week, we discussed top lockdown albums with Gary Mclean, the vocalist and guitarist from upcoming band, Fake Lips. In just the space of a few months since forming, Fake Lips have created an exciting hype for fans with the release of their debut single. Fame Whore. Find out what albums have been helping GaryContinue reading “Socially Distant Spins with Fake Lips”

Socially Distant Spins with Shaun Panda

Last week, we caught up with Shaun Nicolson AKA Shaun Panda to discuss his favourite lockdown albums! Shaun is the founder and host of 4 Songs and a Dream Podcast where guests discuss their favourite songs that really mean something to them. We are huge fans of the podcast here at The Music Files asContinue reading “Socially Distant Spins with Shaun Panda”

Socially Distant Spins with Sarah-Louise Kelly (SLK Digital)

This week, we caught up with SLK Digital’s very own Sarah-Louise Kelly to find out what albums she’s been listening to on repeat throughout lockdown. SLK Digital focuses on helping local businesses and individuals with their digital marketing, copywriting Skills and lots more! Find out what Sarah-Louise’s top lockdown albums are below… Throughout all ofContinue reading “Socially Distant Spins with Sarah-Louise Kelly (SLK Digital)”

Socially Distant Spins with Katie McBride, PPG Promotions & The 1925 Club

This week, we caught up with PPG Promotions’ very own Katie McBride where we chat about her favoutite lockdown albums. Katie also works at The 1925 Club, a phenomenal venue for upcoming bands and musicians in the local scene! Album 1: Arctic Monkeys – AM Why did it make the list? I’ve loved Arctic MonkeysContinue reading “Socially Distant Spins with Katie McBride, PPG Promotions & The 1925 Club”

Socially Distant Spins with Leaving Bordeaux

Today’s Socially Distant Spins is brought to you by Glaswegian indie rock band, Leaving Bordeaux. The band have been making quite a name for themselves in the local music scene with the sell out of their first headliner set and the release of their second single, Adrenaline. Check out what albums they couldn’t self isolateContinue reading “Socially Distant Spins with Leaving Bordeaux”

Socially Distant Spins with Cameron McLean of Pyro

Today, Cameron Mclean, one half of alternative rock band, Pyro gives us his favourite lockdown albums. We’re big fans of Pyro’s latest release, ‘I’ll Understand’ and can’t wait to see to what else have in store for us in the future! Album 1: Let’s Go Sunshine -The Kooks Favourite Track: Initials for Gainsborough. It’s suchContinue reading “Socially Distant Spins with Cameron McLean of Pyro”

Socially Distant Spins with Jamie Strachan

This week we caught up with Glaswegian singer songwriter, Jamie Strachan to discuss his top five albums during lockdown. Jamie has been keeping fans entertained over the last few months with a selection of different releases such as Leaving and Fall of a Man. He recently announced that he would be performing future gigs underContinue reading “Socially Distant Spins with Jamie Strachan”

An Interview with Birthday Card

This week, we caught up with Conor Richards, lead guitarist from all-out pop group, Birthday Card to discuss where their band name came from, their most memorable gig so far and of course the release of their latest single, ‘Radio Star’ which was released at the start of the Month! Have a read below now…Continue reading “An Interview with Birthday Card”