Moonlight – Dictator

by Michael Cameron. Moonlight is single number five for Dictator, and though this track is more chilled in feel, the boys are showing no sign of slowing down. The voice of Michael Campbell rings out clearly, while managing to slot nicely into the mix. Laid bare against subtle production, it feels intimate, and gives aContinue reading “Moonlight – Dictator”

Single Review: ‘Finite’ by Layaway

by Michael Cameron Layaway have blasted into 2021 prepped with their first release of the year – ‘Finite.’ Recorded, mixed and mastered by lead singer Stewart Mathieson, ‘Finite’ is dominated by a great combination of his commanding lyrics and the solid musicianship of his bandmates Rob, Euan and Fraser. A real sense of melancholy hangsContinue reading “Single Review: ‘Finite’ by Layaway”

The Mono LPs: Hell, Save My Soul – Single Review

Huge Single Paves The Way For an Anticipated Album. Hell, Save My Soul is a welcome blast of Blues-driven rock. It’s built into a delta-blues inspired structure, it sounds like a 70s ‘Zeppelin’ record, and the overall result is a well crafted single. Recently signed to Fretsore Records, we’re excited to see ‘The Mono LPs’Continue reading “The Mono LPs: Hell, Save My Soul – Single Review”