Single Review: ‘Finite’ by Layaway

by Michael Cameron Layaway have blasted into 2021 prepped with their first release of the year – ‘Finite.’ Recorded, mixed and mastered by lead singer Stewart Mathieson, ‘Finite’ is dominated by a great combination of his commanding lyrics and the solid musicianship of his bandmates Rob, Euan and Fraser. A real sense of melancholy hangsContinue reading “Single Review: ‘Finite’ by Layaway”

The Mono LPs: Hell, Save My Soul – Single Review

Huge Single Paves The Way For an Anticipated Album. Hell, Save My Soul is a welcome blast of Blues-driven rock. It’s built into a delta-blues inspired structure, it sounds like a 70s ‘Zeppelin’ record, and the overall result is a well crafted single. Recently signed to Fretsore Records, we’re excited to see ‘The Mono LPs’Continue reading “The Mono LPs: Hell, Save My Soul – Single Review”