Single Review: Mt. Doubt – Caravans On A Hill

By Orla Brady At the beginning of May, Last Night From Glasgow gifted us with Mt. Doubt’s new single Caravans on a Hill. Since forming in 2014, Mt. Doubt have released numerous singles and EPs, alongside their 2015 album My Past Is A Quiet Beast and 2016’s album In Awe of Nothing. Their prolific releasesContinue reading “Single Review: Mt. Doubt – Caravans On A Hill”

Single Review: Emma Kelly – Drunk

By Orla Brady Strength, power and confidence are three words which can be used to accurately describe singer-songwriter Emma Kelly’s music. She successfully fuses together a pop and RnB influenced sound, with intimate and personal lyrics – both of which provide her listeners with an insight into her personality, style and experiences. Kelly’s new singleContinue reading “Single Review: Emma Kelly – Drunk”

Interview with Ken McCluskey of The Bluebells

By Orla Brady This week, we caught up with Ken McCluskey, the lead singer of 80s indie new wave band, The Bluebells to discuss the re-release of the 1984 Bluebells album Sisters, working alongside Elvis Costello and running the Electric Honey Record Label at Glasgow Kelvin College… 1. The record label Last Night From GlasgowContinue reading “Interview with Ken McCluskey of The Bluebells”

Single Review: LOC – Ecstasy

by Orla Brady Leeds-based synth-pop artist LOC is due to release his new single Ecstasy at the end of May, and it will certainly be worth the wait. LOC has been working on producing and creating tracks since 2017, however this year has seen his music spread to wider audiences. His single Worthy was releasedContinue reading “Single Review: LOC – Ecstasy”

Single Review: Fiona Harte – Sugar Coating

by Orla Brady During these turbulent times, we all need to inject an ounce of calm and serenity into our lives in order to keep us grounded. How better to do this than through music? And if you are struggling to choose the perfect track to wind down to, Irish singer-songwriter Fiona Harte has youContinue reading “Single Review: Fiona Harte – Sugar Coating”

Single Review: When It All Falls Into Place – Kieran Fisher and the Reel Movement

By Orla Brady Hailing from the small town of Alloa in Scotland, Kieran Fisher has not allowed his rural roots to stop him aiming high. His determination and hard work have seen him play to audiences at the main stages of Doune The Rabbit Hole festival, as well as Eden Festival. Fisher has also supportedContinue reading “Single Review: When It All Falls Into Place – Kieran Fisher and the Reel Movement”

Album Review: Mitchell Museum – Skinny Tricks [Scottish Fiction]

By Orla Brady In the midst of a national lockdown, it is no lie that we need to add an injection of creativity into our lives in order to, not only stay sane, but to take our minds off what seems to be an endless flux uncertainty surrounding us. Thankfully, Glasgow-based three-piece Mitchell Museum haveContinue reading “Album Review: Mitchell Museum – Skinny Tricks [Scottish Fiction]”

EP Review: The New Righteous Mood – A Few Righteous Tunes

By Orla Brady Birmingham four-piece The New Righteous Mood are gearing up to release their debut EP, entitled A Few Righteous Tunes, on the 3rd of April. The EP includes four tracks: Trail of Shade, Set In Stone, lead single Sleepwalker and Supermarket Birthday Cake. The combination of tracks featured on the EP displays thatContinue reading “EP Review: The New Righteous Mood – A Few Righteous Tunes”

Single Review: Fauves – Bathe

By Orla Brady Since forming in 2017, success has not been in short supply for Scottish five-piece Fauves. Their debut EP, ‘Les Fauves‘, released in 2018, was met with impressive critical acclaim. A combination of frequent gigging and prolific singles over the last two years has earned the band their place as a staple ofContinue reading “Single Review: Fauves – Bathe”