Jamie Pollock meets The Music Files

By Myrren Porter With his new single “In-Away (From the Life)” premiering on Friday, The Music Files caught up with ex Vida frontman Jamie Pollock to discuss going solo, new material and life during lockdown.  After parting ways with Vida in 2019, the Alloa singer/songwriter decided to ride it alone and has continued to provideContinue reading “Jamie Pollock meets The Music Files”

Single Review: Glasvegas – My Body is a Glasshouse (A Thousand Stones Ago)

By Myrren Porter Upon the arrival of their tremendous fourth album, which is to be released in April 2021, Glasvegas have given us an early Christmas present with their new single ‘My Body is a Glasshouse (A Thousand Stones ago).’  First emerging onto the scene in 2008 with their debut album, which went on toContinue reading “Single Review: Glasvegas – My Body is a Glasshouse (A Thousand Stones Ago)”

Single Review – TV People: String

by Myrren Porter Emerging Dublin indie punk group TV people contemplate the harsh realities of life by reflecting drug addiction and destructive behaviours in their new single ‘String.’ Collaborating with Dan Doherty of Darklands Audio and Abbey Roads Christian Wright, the Irish four-piece are creating a name for themselves as the latest talent to transpireContinue reading “Single Review – TV People: String”

Album Review: The Jaded Hearts Club – You’ve Always Been Here

Supergroup The Jaded Hearts Club have premiered their debut album this month (2nd Oct) and we at The Music Files are totally obsessed.  Forming in 2017 by Blur guitarist Jamie Davis, the group originally called ‘Dr Pepper’s Jaded Hearts Club band were created and performed plentiful covers by The Beatles before expanding and covering tracksContinue reading “Album Review: The Jaded Hearts Club – You’ve Always Been Here”

Behind the Music: Take the Night – Teenage Love

by Myrren Porter Geordie synth duo Take The Night have returned with their new single ‘Teenage Love’ which premiered last month.  Showcasing the groups passion for all things synth, the consistent line throughout the track creates an airy sounding aura which is what makes Take The Night one of the most unique groups within theirContinue reading “Behind the Music: Take the Night – Teenage Love”

Single Review: Garlands – Happy

by Myrren Porter Premiering last month, The Music Files are absolutely delighted to review the latest release from Glasgow trio The Garlands.  ‘Happy’ which made its first appearance to audiences on 31st July was hot on the heels of previous releases ‘Play Games’ and ‘Where Things Belong.’ It begins with a significant bass line introContinue reading “Single Review: Garlands – Happy”

Album Review | Beta Waves | EP1

Dale Easson and Harry Crossan of Dundee duet Beta Waves have been extremely busy this year following the release of their debut record EP1. The new release consists of five tracks which allude to an overall brilliant sounding piece of work, with each track adding to the overall final sound of the EP. The synthContinue reading “Album Review | Beta Waves | EP1”

Single Review – Take The Night: Lost Days

By Myrren Porter This month, The Music Files were introduced to Geordie duo, Take The Night as they released their debut single ‘Lost Days.’  The single which premiers today already has us talking and we are totally obsessed. As an avid lover of all things 80s, I was instantly attracted to the bands taste forContinue reading “Single Review – Take The Night: Lost Days”

Single Review: Pleasure Heads – War and Orange Juice

By Myrren Porter There is nothing like the release of new music to perk yourself up during these uncertain times, therefore discovering the return of Pleasure Heads this month brought smiles to the faces of many finding themselves remaining in lockdown. The band has returned with their second release of the year War & OrangeContinue reading “Single Review: Pleasure Heads – War and Orange Juice”

An Interview with Jamie Pollock

Questions By Myrren Porter This week, we caught up with Ex Vida frontman, Jamie Pollock to discuss his musical influences, his solo career and the influence behind his latest release, ‘When The Sun (Like a Rainbow)… Who are your biggest musical influences growing up and why were you drawn to them? “The Beatles. When IContinue reading “An Interview with Jamie Pollock”