La Club Royale – ‘Rise Up’ [Single Review]

Visualise yourself, 2D animated, walking to your DeLorean, putting the keys in the ignition, before driving away into the city nights. That’s the intro. The camera then zooms out, showing the city with neon lights and out of tune people, then back to you, just in time for the verse to start. I want nothingContinue reading “La Club Royale – ‘Rise Up’ [Single Review]”


S. Latham proves that artists should be poisoned by carbon monoxide more often. By Kristoffer Hilmarsson The upcoming Ep ‘Letters From Suburbia’ give us ‘Gashouse’ with Stevieray Latham and his backing band The Nomads of Industrial Suburbia. It’s said to be written by the artist himself and some good friends under the influence of carbonContinue reading “STEVIERAY LATHAM & THE NOMADS OF INDUSTRIAL SUBURBIA – ‘GASHOUSE’ [Single Review]”

Julian Skiboat – ‘Flowers’ [Single Review]

By Kristoffer Hilmarsson The 24-year-old multi-instrumentalist, Julian Skiboat, has been giving wings to his latest release ”flowers”. With laid back and lazy melodies Julian wishes, in his own words, to dive into that feeling of it could be worse and we can make it through this. His debut EP, ‘Nice to meet you’ has garneredContinue reading “Julian Skiboat – ‘Flowers’ [Single Review]”