SINGLE REVIEW: 100 Fables – Roadside

Since my ears initially graced them back in 2016, I’ve considered Glasgow outfit 100 Fables to be one of the most valuable assets to the Scottish pop scene, thanks to a mixture of outstanding talent, colourful personality and rocking live shows. But the last year has been majorly hectic, to say the least, spanning fromContinue reading “SINGLE REVIEW: 100 Fables – Roadside”

SINGLE REVIEW: Scarlett Randle – Blue

By Jason Small Within a short timeframe, Scarlett Randle has emerged as one of the most strikingly fabulous faces in the Glaswegian music scene, and after reaching great and grand new heights in 2019 with the chillingly good single Her, Scarlett has come forth with another addition to the library, Blue, headed by sublime coverContinue reading “SINGLE REVIEW: Scarlett Randle – Blue”


By Jason Small Quite recently, I was introduced to 19 year old London-based R&B artist Yazmine MB, and while I had no prior knowledge of her and even though she wasn’t amassing the biggest social media following as of yet, it immediately clicked that there was some serious potential happening here when I gave herContinue reading “SINGLE REVIEW: Yazmine MB – I Do”

SINGLE REVIEW: Carla J Easton – Get Lost

By Jason Small Before the summer of 2018, I had little knowledge of Carluke musician Carla Easton, save for briefly dabbling in TeenCanteen, but when Olive Grove Records provided me with an advance copy of her full-length album Impossible Stuff to review, it blew me sideaways and back again. A work of art that wouldContinue reading “SINGLE REVIEW: Carla J Easton – Get Lost”

SINGLE REVIEW: Peplo – Katarina’s Got My Tongue

By Jason Small In the summer of 2019, the Good Boy Punk Club gave me the opportunity to discover Glaswegian alternative pop group Peplo, and after one mighty fine live display at The Old Hairdressers, that was me hooked. Earlier this year, the band made a newsworthy impression with their debut single Tall, and areContinue reading “SINGLE REVIEW: Peplo – Katarina’s Got My Tongue”

SINGLE REVIEW: Hannah Slavin – Mac & Cheese

By Jason Small While I did feel late to the party in discovering her, Hannah Slavin of Glasgow nonetheless made a storming impression back in February with then-latest track I Don’t Give A F*** About You after it had been plastered all over my social feeds, and when pondering the question of her being aContinue reading “SINGLE REVIEW: Hannah Slavin – Mac & Cheese”

SINGLE REVIEW: DMS – Ordinary Strange

by Jason Small While they had been together beforehand, 2019 was truly the breakthrough rookie year for Edinburgh pop-tinged rock outfit DMS, with much of that owing to the release of their fabulous debut EP – Imposter Syndrome – which deservedly earned a positive reception and bagged them a spot on THE SMS 100 overContinue reading “SINGLE REVIEW: DMS – Ordinary Strange”

RECORD REVIEW: Starless – Earthbound

By Jason Small Long Bhriseadh makes for a stunning entrance piece, serving as a prelude of sorts to the musical journey that we’re about to partake on, but Ailein Duinn is where the record truly gets going, and in extravagant style too. The piano/string combo is spotless and further refined by the outstanding production standard,Continue reading “RECORD REVIEW: Starless – Earthbound”

SINGLE REVIEW: Rolland Square – Disco Misfits

By Jason Small It was in February last year that I was introduced to Glasgow pop-rock band Rolland Square, where they headlined a show at Bloc+ that I attended to catch my newfound pals Quotes Of The Dead live, and while they were totally fresh faces to me, they won me over with a tidyContinue reading “SINGLE REVIEW: Rolland Square – Disco Misfits”

RECORD REVIEW: King Witch – Body Of Light

After a brooding slow-burn intro, the quartet delve headlong into the title track, which is of a monumental quality; Laura displaying her outright unreal vocal chops at an optimum level, while the instrumentals are as strong and sturdy as they come. The intense power riding behind this, especially in the mental final minute, make itContinue reading “RECORD REVIEW: King Witch – Body Of Light”