Song Review: Dalmas – Draw The Line

By Jeanette Arsenault One of the great things about what I do on this side of “the pond” is discovering music in a foreign land with fresh ears.  If I am reviewing a Canadian band or artist, then there is a greater chance I may have heard of them or at least one of theContinue reading “Song Review: Dalmas – Draw The Line”

Single Review: Cody Feechan – Free Falling

By Jeanette Arsenault When I saw the song title, I have to admit I thought “Uh oh.  There is already a famous song called “Free Falling” by Tom Petty – one of my faves to sing back in the day.  So….how are you, Cody Feechan, going to match up with your own *Free Falling*?  UponContinue reading “Single Review: Cody Feechan – Free Falling”

Song Review: Krosst Out – Funerals

This is my first song review in the Hip Hop/Rap/EDM world and my introduction is the music of Canadian-born Alternative Hip Hop Artist Krosst Out who got his start in Campbellford, which is not far from where I live and is known for nurturing musical talent.   But last time I checked, that small townContinue reading “Song Review: Krosst Out – Funerals”

Song Review: Kendama – Wine

By Jeanette Arsenault I tried several times to capture the right way to describe Kendama’s driving energy song *Wine* and decided that their own description said it best: “Inspired in equal measures by synth pop and pop punk, Kendama combine addictive, hook laden songwriting, massive pop production and intense live performance.” Described as synth pop,Continue reading “Song Review: Kendama – Wine”

Song Review: Catholic Action – Yr Old Dad

“I want to hear this again’, I said as soon as the song was over.  What did I just listen to?  Whatever it was, play it again. NOW! “Yr Old Dad” by Catholic Action is a hypnotic sonic delight that pulls you in and does not let you go.  The soundscape elements are happy-making –Continue reading “Song Review: Catholic Action – Yr Old Dad”

Song Review: Peco – Some Folk

Someone gave me some advice recently:  “You shouldn’t be so positive all the time – you need to also sometimes be critical of the music you are reviewing”. Well, as Dolly Parton once said:  “Don’t give me advice, give me information so I can make up my own mind”.  So I think that person madeContinue reading “Song Review: Peco – Some Folk”

SONG REVIEW: Matthew Barton – Fag + Glass Swan

By Jeanette Arsenault This was an interesting challenge.  From the opening bar to Matthew Barton’s new song, *Fag*, I could see that I was in for something quite different.  I like to listen to a song I am reviewing before I read anything about the artist to get a first impression. My first impression was: Continue reading “SONG REVIEW: Matthew Barton – Fag + Glass Swan”

SONG REVIEW: Broken Harmony – Charlie

Broken Harmony’s new single *Charlie* is SO goooooood.  I double dare you to try to sit still while you listen.  You can’t! If you love funk, then you will want to be a part of the fabulous funk fandom of Broken Harmony or as they describe it “The Super Funk Band of Awesome”. Full disclosureContinue reading “SONG REVIEW: Broken Harmony – Charlie”

Song Review: The Deep Shining Sea – Girl There Is Something You Should Know

Who is looking at whom?  Great opening shot in the new video by The Deep Shining Sea for their single release *Girl There’s Something You Should Know*.  Tables turned.  Here’s looking at you looking at me. It’s not just about the music anymore – it’s about the look.  It’s about the elements working together inContinue reading “Song Review: The Deep Shining Sea – Girl There Is Something You Should Know”

E.P REVIEW: Virtues – You’re Alive

Virtues’ new EP “You’re Alive’ is so likeable with so many elements that are working beautifully, despite my songwriter’s compelling need to read the lyrics, I decided to step out of my comfort zone and dive deep into the ‘feel’ of the song. It’s got a 70s rock vibe (musicians HATE to be slotted orContinue reading “E.P REVIEW: Virtues – You’re Alive”