SONG REVIEW: Wilde – Wasted

By Jeanette Arsenault It’s all about image when you are first starting out.  Remember the Bieb?  A Canadian I must point out.  He’s quite talented and he skyrocketed to the top.  Sure he had some luck along the way – who hasn’t had a hand up at some point? It can get you attention butContinue reading “SONG REVIEW: Wilde – Wasted”

SONG REVIEW: BLVFF – Want For Nothing

by Jeanette Arsenault “The average web visitor reads only 6 words of a headline. The average time spent reading a blog article is 15 seconds. If a reader sticks around past 15 seconds, they’ll likely stay for 7 minutes”, writes Thomas Smith of Gado Images in a Medium Magazine article. I think the same applies to music, too.  WeContinue reading “SONG REVIEW: BLVFF – Want For Nothing”

SONG REVIEW: Fairweather Friends – Where The River Flows

By Jeanette Arsenault I needed that.  A calming, soothing song called *Where The River Flows* by Fairweather Friends.   The world needs more of this right now.  The COVID-19 pandemic scared most of us into various states of anxiety.  Apprehension slowly transitioned into reluctant acceptance and now, gradually, we are poking our noses out ofContinue reading “SONG REVIEW: Fairweather Friends – Where The River Flows”

EP REVIEW: Kali – What Comes From Isolation

By Jeanette Arsenault Kali’s EP *What Comes From Isolation* has an intriguing title that caught my interest.  And further, the fact that it was “recorded in the cupboard under the stairs” according to his Instagram video makes it even more intriguing.   What kind of sound can you get in a cupboard under the stairsContinue reading “EP REVIEW: Kali – What Comes From Isolation”

SONG REVIEW: Pottery – Hot Heater

By Jeanette Arsenault Now there’s a name for you.  A band called “Pottery”.  Ok – sooo…that’s interesting and no doubt there’s a story behind the name.  They are from my part of the world – Montreal, Canada so that further piques my interest. But is that a British accent I detect in their new songContinue reading “SONG REVIEW: Pottery – Hot Heater”

SONG REVIEW: Sea Legs – Cupboard

By Jeanette Arsenault First thing I think after listening to *Cupboards* by Sea Legs is “This is a good song” and the second thing I think is:  “This is a really good production”.  Full disclosure – I don’t have alt indie rock on my playlist.  But I can appreciate a good song when I hearContinue reading “SONG REVIEW: Sea Legs – Cupboard”

SONG Review: Jeremy Tuplin – Space Magic

by Jeanette Arsenault What did I just listen to?  I have no idea what that was as I watched Jeremy Tuplin’s song *Space Magic* on YouTube. My first thought is, well, the song definitely has a psychedelic ‘60s retro feel.  Kind of spaced out and grooving on a laid-back vibe. The video seems to showcaseContinue reading “SONG Review: Jeremy Tuplin – Space Magic”

SONG REVIEW: Séan Fox – Open Road

By Jeanette Arsenault There are some songs you hear for the first time that you immediately like because it sounds like a song you already know. But it’s not because they have copied that song or parts of it.  It’s because it evokes a feeling right away that you can relate to and you don’tContinue reading “SONG REVIEW: Séan Fox – Open Road”

SONG REVIEW: Stephen Medd – Sisters of Saint Joseph

By Jeanette Arsenault The first thing that comes to mind when I hear *Sisters of Saint Joseph* by Canadian balladeer Stephen Medd is: “Wow.  He reminds me of Stan Rogers!”. For you non-Canadians, Rogers was a well-known, well-loved Canadian historical folk/roots balladeer from the East Coast revered as a masterful singer/songwriter.  Look him up onContinue reading “SONG REVIEW: Stephen Medd – Sisters of Saint Joseph”

Song Review: Eighty Ninety – Know Me

By Jeanette Arsenault There is something to be said about simplicity.   In these COVID-19 pandemic days, everyone’s life is in some degree of chaos – be it health, loss/reduction of income/work, loss of freedom to go where and when we want, overworked frontliners and behindliners (delivery drivers, warehouse workers, suppliers, distributors), too. Our soulsContinue reading “Song Review: Eighty Ninety – Know Me”