Single Review: Voodoos ‘TV Set’

By Fiona Henderson Glasgow has seen a surge in successful new talent over the past couple of years and that doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon. With a pool of ambitious and talented new artists popping up on the regular, we look into the success of young Glasgow band, Voodoos. Voodoos started 2020Continue reading “Single Review: Voodoos ‘TV Set’”

Spotify Playlist: Writer’s Recommendations with Fiona Henderson

We’ve been truly fortunate to have new music releases during a time where resources and access is so limited. Those working in the music sector have had their worlds turn upside down during this pandemic and have continued to work so hard so that we, as fans can enjoy their content. I’ve curated a mixedContinue reading “Spotify Playlist: Writer’s Recommendations with Fiona Henderson”