Single Review: Lizzie Reid – Seamless

One word that’s been used regularly to describe Lizzie Reid’s second single ‘Seamless’ is “personal”. However, she’s stumbled upon something much more universal than personal. The follow up to ‘Tribute’ might have been based on any of our stories of love and loss, and it is a tale told so effortlessly and honestly that Reid’sContinue reading “Single Review: Lizzie Reid – Seamless”

Writer Recommendations: Fearghal’s Top 20

Here’s a list of 20 tunes that I love. There’s not much logic behind this one. There’s a few great pop tunes, a few of the bands that have shaped my music taste, a few thrown in to make me look cooler and a few discoveries I made that I thought were new but turnedContinue reading “Writer Recommendations: Fearghal’s Top 20”

Single Review: Mute The TV – Only The Good Times Matter

Mute The TV is the project of Crampton brothers, Dylan and Elliot, from County Wicklow in Ireland. Although the town of Greystones might not be exactly where your mind wanders in pursuit of a sun soaked break, perhaps the sea air has blown in some summer influences from further afield than the Irish Sea. TheContinue reading “Single Review: Mute The TV – Only The Good Times Matter”

Single Review: Phoebe Marshall – If You Begged For Me, Would I Have Stayed?

Leeds based indie-pop artist, Phoebe Marshall, leans into her pop sensibilities in second single ‘If You For Begged Me, Would I Have Stayed?‘. ‘Don’t Tell Her’, the debut single from Phoebe Marshall, could easily feature at the start of a 2000s indie romance featuring Michael Cera on a soundtrack alongside the likes of The MoldyContinue reading “Single Review: Phoebe Marshall – If You Begged For Me, Would I Have Stayed?”