Spotify Playlist: Writer’s Recommendations – Emily Duff

by Emily Duff It’s been pretty hard to narrow it down – it was initially 50 songs. I’ve managed to narrow it down but it’s very random – or eclectic, that makes it sound cool. Below, I’ve written a few explanations. Enjoy the playlist. As the World Falls Down – David Bowie Bowie is myContinue reading “Spotify Playlist: Writer’s Recommendations – Emily Duff”

Single Review: Beta Waves – U Don’t Have 2

by Emily Duff Following on from their April Single, Hideaway, Dundee 2-piece, Beta Waves, have created another synthy (is that a word? it is now) banger. U Don’t Have 2 is the perfect chill-out track Mixing Synth, Vocals and Guitar, the track has sunset vibes to relax to. Get your picnic made and get inContinue reading “Single Review: Beta Waves – U Don’t Have 2”

Single Review: The Baltics – Carbon Theme Park

by Emily Duff The debut single from local indie band, The Baltics, has finally been released. Perfectly blending Synth- Pop and Brit-Pop, the tune uses catchy melodies and distinct vocals to create the anthem to your next road trip – whenever that may next be. With their main influences stemming from Oasis, the 1975 andContinue reading “Single Review: The Baltics – Carbon Theme Park”

Single Review: Fauves – Wither Away

by Emily Duff Fauves new single, Wither Away, just dropped on First Run Records. Always keeping their music interesting, the Glaswegian Indie Pop band uses a mixture of funk, jazz and disco to create unique sounds.  After the release of their single, Afterglow, I’ve been a huge fan of the band and this new tuneContinue reading “Single Review: Fauves – Wither Away”

Single Review: DMA’S – The Glow

by Emily Duff Sydney Indie trio, DMA’S are back at it again with new single, ‘The Glow’. Retaining their 90’s Manchester Rave influences, ‘The Glow’ provides a perfectly timed, chill out summer tune you want to sit and drink Hooch to. With constant comparisons to British Classics Oasis and inspiration from New York’s Sonic Youth,Continue reading “Single Review: DMA’S – The Glow”