Album Review: Pale Waves – ‘Who Am I?’

by Emily Duff Manchester outfit, Pale Waves, have just dropped their second album, ‘Who Am I?’, which is a huge move away from their debut, ‘My Mind Makes Noise’, due to the band’s crazy experience in the near-3 years since its release. Heather’s lyricism demonstrates the beginning of truly questioning themselves – as implied byContinue reading “Album Review: Pale Waves – ‘Who Am I?’”

Single Review: Pale Waves – She’s My Religion

by Emily Duff Pale Waves have just dropped ‘She’s My Religion’, the second track to be released from their upcoming album Who Am I?. A track following the story of a cynical girl and the speaker’s love for her, it fights against the usual stigma that darker characters are unlovable and Hollywood’s preference for positiveContinue reading “Single Review: Pale Waves – She’s My Religion”

Single Review: Fake Lips – Rise

by Emily Duff Fake Lips have just dropped their second single, Rise. Made up of two men, Gary and Michael, who brag that they’re the same age with the same interests and in the same town, they met online as adults and formed the duo we now know as Fake Lips.  Previously forming the bandContinue reading “Single Review: Fake Lips – Rise”

Single Review: 12 Weeks – Spilt Milk

by Emily Duff Newcastle indie up-and-comers, Spilt Milk are set to release their latest single 12 Weeks. After just releasing the hit, Moving Target, earlier this year, 12 Weeks is a highly anticipated new track. A different vibe for the band, 12 Weeks takes on a slower acoustic sound in contrast to their usual highContinue reading “Single Review: 12 Weeks – Spilt Milk”

Single Review: Katie Wood – Uh Huh Yeah

by Emily Duff Katie Wood is a flamboyant new singer from London set on transcending time with her blend of the ‘70s sounds with ‘80s style and modern sarcasm. After releasing her debut single, Steve, earlier this year Katie Wood is set for stardom from the get-go. With a Bowie-esque take to music from herContinue reading “Single Review: Katie Wood – Uh Huh Yeah”

Single Review: Cat Ryan – Blessed Through the TV

by Emily Duff Blessed Through the TV is Cat Ryan’s second single of 2020. Based in Newcastle, the band already have fans across the UK. Opening with an oriental sound that remains throughout the track, Blessed Through the TV takes on an unusual but very enjoyable spin on their usual indie rock music. Emerging withinContinue reading “Single Review: Cat Ryan – Blessed Through the TV”

Single Review: Psydove – Gimme Some Saké

by Emily Duff Psydove are a duo hailing from Newcastle and producing a blend of stoner and kind-of psychedelic music. Psydove follow on with their latest release of Gimme Some Saké after their debut single Wakey Wakey. Both tracks came out in 2020 and are equally as mellow and relaxing.  Made up of Steve ZiolkowskiContinue reading “Single Review: Psydove – Gimme Some Saké”

Single Review: Pizza Daddy – Too Many Boyfriends

by Emily Duff Based in London, Pizza Daddy is a duo made up of Ross Pearce and Mike Stothard. Both previously being part of pop band, BOYS, they have experienced touring around both Europe and America. This means the lads have a lot of experience behind them in terms of audience understanding and working withContinue reading “Single Review: Pizza Daddy – Too Many Boyfriends”

Single Review: SMUT. – Water Nymph

by Emily Duff SMUT. is an alternative RnB musician based in Edinburgh. With great anticipation, Water Nymph is her first single released on Spotify. Encapsulating a chilled out ethereal vibe, Water Nymph starts with layers of vocal harmonising that is mirrored throughout the song to give emphasis to the chorus. Taking on an RnB style,Continue reading “Single Review: SMUT. – Water Nymph”

EP Review: Kali Uchis – TO FEEL ALIVE

by Emily Duff Kali Uchis’ beautiful ethereal voice is back after a collection of collaborations with the likes of an album in 2020, which is very exciting. TO FEEL ALIVE EP takes on a new tone from her 2018 debut album, Isolation. With a more Little Dragon, KAYTRANADA and Free Nationals. The new EP isContinue reading “EP Review: Kali Uchis – TO FEEL ALIVE”