The Crayon Set – ‘Moment’ [Single review]

‘Moment’ is a beautifully delicate indie-pop track balanced around The Crayon Set’s signature female / male lead vocals, full of sweet sugary melodies and infectious pop hooks. There is a dreamy undertone to ‘Moment’ provided by a bed of reverberated guitar and a beautiful arp line throughout the song.  The melancholy vocals take slightly darkerContinue reading “The Crayon Set – ‘Moment’ [Single review]”

Andy Bell – The View From Half Way Down [Album Review]

Andy Bell is probably most notable as performing in one of the biggest bands of a generation; Oasis – or as a shoegaze legend as part of Ride. Bell has now taken all his years of experience performing and writing rock and roll and shoegaze to create his debut solo album; The View from HalfContinue reading “Andy Bell – The View From Half Way Down [Album Review]”

Western Column – ‘Hear Not Say’ [Single Review]

Western Column – ‘Hear Not Say’ ‘Hear Not Say’ is the latest single by DIY Glasgow musician and Songwriter Christopher Devine who goes by the alias of Wesern Column. The track is a glorious shoegaze track filled with dreamy pop hooks to carry you along in the sea of reverb.  The layers upon layers ofContinue reading “Western Column – ‘Hear Not Say’ [Single Review]”

Vansleep – Stargazer [Single Review]

The Aberdeen Alt Rock band have been making waves with the release of their impressive EP – ‘You Should Have Said Something’. The track ‘Stargazer’ being the last of the three songs to receive a single release from the EP – and I feel like they’ve saved the best to last – the track hasContinue reading “Vansleep – Stargazer [Single Review]”

The Pylons – Grumble [Single Review]

By Connor Adam This indie five-piece makes cutting through the noise of London’s bustling music scene look easy with their undeniably pop’y hooky lyrics, immersive sound that the band can produce and undeniably comical music videos that’ll leave you in love with the band. The Pylons with an already impressive run of singles under theirContinue reading “The Pylons – Grumble [Single Review]”

Foals – Collected Reworks Vol 1 – 3 [Album Review]

By Connor Adam What a way to re-discover one of you favourite bands back catalogue than an expansive triple album compilation remix release! Foals are already known as a band to get your feet moving late into the night at any indie club night, and probably have one of the best live sets I’ve everContinue reading “Foals – Collected Reworks Vol 1 – 3 [Album Review]”

Columbia “Fat Catz” Review

“Fat Catz” encapsulates the amazing raw power that Columbia possesses from their live act and have put it into a short and sweet anthem. “Fat Catz” has everything from powerful raw vocals, pumping drums and a britpop esque guitar hero solo to end, you’ll be hard to find something in the track that doesn’t catchContinue reading “Columbia “Fat Catz” Review”

The Roly Mo – TRM EP Review

By Connor Adam The 6 track mini album from The Roly Mo takes us on a tempestuous ride from start to finish. With greased up rock songs like ‘Diamond Doll’ to absolute indie bangers in ‘Control Yourself’ & ‘Count To Ten’. There is an unbelievable energy that transpires through all 6 tracks, it has swagger,Continue reading “The Roly Mo – TRM EP Review”