‘The Symphony’ – Brand New Single From Static Satellites.

It’s a new year and Static Satellites are back, welcoming us in to the month of February with open arms and a brand new single. ‘The Symphony’ is the latest single and the second track due to feature on their upcoming debut EP, also featuring previously released ‘Fortify’. Prior to the hellfire experience that wasContinue reading “‘The Symphony’ – Brand New Single From Static Satellites.”

“Pebbles”: The NEW SINGLE from Scruffy Bear.

By Amanda Kilfeather. Scruffy Bear are back with another screamer of a single, “Pebbles“. Life in lockdown has proved no chance of hindering these guys’ creativity and determination – they’ve hosted livestream shows from their new Band HQ, collaborated on covers with equally-talented artists, all whilst working away behind the scenes on yet another impressiveContinue reading ““Pebbles”: The NEW SINGLE from Scruffy Bear.”

An Interview With Scruffy Bear

By Amanda Kilfeather Scruffy Bear are making noise in the north, with their ground rumbling riffs and earth-shattering vocals. Having already developed a unique style and well-established brand, their sound and name are well on the way to be spreading like wildfire. If you’ve heard them play live, you already know they’re ones to watch.Continue reading “An Interview With Scruffy Bear”

Declan Milne’s DEBUT Single – “She Loves You”.

Written by Amanda Kilfeather Declan Milne returns to his roots as a solo act, with his new single. Delving deeper into the indie-pop sound developed with five-piece Feels Like Thursday, his experimental freedom found in lockdown has resulted in the undeniably infectious debut track “She Loves You”. I caught up with Declan shortly after theContinue reading “Declan Milne’s DEBUT Single – “She Loves You”.”

Writers Recommendations – Amanda Kilfeather

Listen here: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/1ToJQnYJSlJm1xBPdgUJo1?si=S0-2IKQORMuqYbfrC7Qbcg It’s been a mad couple of months, this pandemic patter ae? This year was set up to be a bit of a rollercoaster as it was, particularly these last few weeks – I should’ve been wrapping up the last few days of my undergrad degree, and celebrating final exams with pints andContinue reading “Writers Recommendations – Amanda Kilfeather”

‘Fortify’ – Static Satellites REVIEW

Written by Amanda Kilfeather. “To fortify, is to build bravery and strength, resistance and resilience in the face of attack or adversity.“ These lads have been constantly on the up ever since their formation in the summer of 2018. After being listed in Aussie Regal Radio’s “Independent Hottest 100 or 2019”and Edinburgh Live’s “Top 5Continue reading “‘Fortify’ – Static Satellites REVIEW”

NEW SINGLE from Megan Black, “Hang Out Dry” – REVIEW

Whilst it seems artists big and small are postponing releases left, right and center, Megan Black is sticking to her guns and continuing with the release of her new single. A welcomed escape for listeners looking to lose themselves in something other than the lockdown blues. I cannot continue my praise of this track withoutContinue reading “NEW SINGLE from Megan Black, “Hang Out Dry” – REVIEW”