Album Review: Mima Merrow – Almost Home

Artwork by Jagoda Sadowska

By Jen O’Mahony

A simply beautiful and elegant record.

Belfast born and Glasgow based singer-songwriter Mima Merrow is returning with her debut album on the 23rd of September. Gaining previous success with her single ‘Freckles’ featuring on ”BBC Scotland” and ”BBC Radio 6 Music”, Merrow established herself as a talented poet and writer who is able to combine the art of spoken word and beautiful melodies appealing to a captivated audience. Her previous EP ‘Good Grief’ which was released in 2020 displays Merrow’s beautifully haunting vocals hinting at her Irish roots and allowing ways of connecting with the public through her visual lyrics, evoking curiosity of versatile sounds and making you feel at peace.

Merrow’s debut album continues to bring her fanbase on her journey of vivid storytelling and unique way’s of making you feel present and at ease while listening. ‘Secret codes’ is reflective of nature based themes and metaphorical language displaying the emotion and feelings that are suppressed ”so we speak like the trees whispering, creaking, waiting….’ while ‘Almost Home’ and ‘Speak’ invites us in to a warm space where Merrow’s soft moving vocals and melodic piano playing builds as a dreamy symphony to portray what the story means ‘if I let go of the nightmares I cling to just to know you…

Track 3 – I’ve Been Waiting on the Album

Produced by Inge Thomson, the album features 13 tracks. It has a dynamic production in the rich vain of traditional folk sounds mixed with recordings of ambient natural sounds giving the album an earthy familiarity and shades of artists like Ailbhe Reddy, Wallis Bird and Rosie Carney. Merrow’s alternative folk performances have been displayed all over venues this year such as the ‘Endless Summer Festival’, Doune the Rabbit Hole Festival’ and ‘The Poetry Club Glasgow’ to name a few. Her breathtaking album is set to lead her to continued success on her musical journey, so be sure to check it out!

Keep up with what Mima Merrow is doing on her socials –

Instagram: @mimamerrow

Twitter: @MerrowMima


Music credits- Garry Boyle, Dean Honer, Louis Abbott, Jill O’Sullivan, Ali Hendry & James Lindsay.

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