Kyle Falconer Coming to The Fringe – Sunday 14th August 2022

By Megan Hughes

Over the years I’ve noticed similarities between myself and Kyle Falconer – we share a birthday just years apart and I spent a great deal of my youth being told I looked like him because of my curly hair.  Not exactly the compliment a fifteen year old girl was looking for.  However, I am a firm believer in fate and so it is thanks to fate and my crazy hair that I knew exactly who he was.  Then the opportunity fell into my lap to write this – see how it all comes together.

Falconer is only in his mid thirties which you may find hard to believe given how long he’s been on the scene. He was hardly through puberty when The View burst out into the Scottish music scene and quickly grew.  Some may attribute their youth to the reason they were staple figures in the summer music festivals – definitely a band to see live as their performances are loud, busy, full of energy and charisma which work beautifully with the powerful response from their fans.

The View were everything a young group were meant to be – the wildness from them was infectious, however, Falconer seems to have moved in a different direction as he has progressed personally.  His most recent album which was released last summer details many of his struggles behind the scenes, although, some weren’t too hard to imagine given his infamous reputation.

‘No Love Songs For Laura’ was released last summer, unfortunately due to the majority of the world still fighting and recovering from the global pandemic it would be fair to argue it never got the recognition or features that it deserved. This album is clearly were Falconer’s years of musical and life experience begin to bear fruit.

I first gave it a listen in the car when I was driving about as I wanted to get the full experience of the album without being interrupted.  It became the soundtrack to my week. I’d hum and bob whilst mumbling lyrics without thinking.  It wasn’t until I was caught in traffic that I really heard it for the first time.  The melodies in the album directly contradict the lyrics and themes Falconer sings about.

The album is a plethora of different instruments and sounds dancing and weaving together. It is no surprise to find that Falconer worked with producer Frankie Sigarusa and both played all the instruments in the album personally. You can feel the sincere thought and deliberation in every bar – I doubt Falconer would want it any other way given how deeply personal each song is. Track number three, ‘Laura’ looks at his stints in rehab which can perhaps be better understood once you’ve listened to  ‘Mother’ which is about Falconer, sadly, losing his mother when he was only 21 – still very much a child.

The album paints a very honest picture through Falconers self-reflection which highlights instability as a major component throughout his life.  However, the album isn’t an Adele rated sob fest which almost ties in with the theme of instability.  Kyle Falconer is not for one second sat writing a sob story about woe is the life of I.  The album is an infusion of soul, funk and Motown with an output which is definitely to be enjoyed rather than listened to on a sad day in a dark room. He starts the album strong and loud with ‘Stress Ball’ which has the energy of a runaway freight train. ‘Wait Around’ is second out the box and carries on with a strong summer sound.

The excitement of sound and mixture of genres can be enjoyed this Sunday August 14th when Falconer plays a solo show in The Old Dr Bells Baths in Leith for the Edinburgh Fringe – if you are lucky you might still get a ticket.

The gig runs from 7pm till 11pm, you’ll want to get along early to listen to the support.  Paisley’s critically acclaimed John Rush shall be supporting Falconer on the night.  Rush is no stranger to the stage as he’s played in many of Glasgow’s greatest venues a number of times: The Barrowland; King Tuts; The Royal Concert Hall; O2 ABC; O2 Academy; St Lukes – to name a few.  Going on and topping that by making the journey across the pond to The Big Apple and throwing himself into a crash-course of American gigs when he had four shows in five nights with one being a secret rooftop show.  Little did those lucky listeners know that the songs they were then hearing would later become his debut album. 

However, like most of us he was impacted and halted by the notorious rona but the prodigal son did return to the glorious Barrowland Ballroom in November of last year to support Hipsway for the Glasgow CeilidhFest which is where he announced the release of ‘The Apple Doesn’t Fall Far From The Tree’ his latest single. It wasn’t long before the single peaked at Number 2 on the iTunes UK Singer/Songwriter chart.  This paved the to supporting Paul Weller at his sold out performance for the Scottish leg of his, also, sold out tour.

Rush is making moves round the festival circuit this summer with his second albums release imminent.  This means now is the perfect time to tune in with great anticipation.  Be sure to catch him at the fringe on Sunday, who knows maybe you’ll get a sneak preview.  

Gig Details ––Edinburgh-Festival-Fringe/36091420/

Where? The Old Dr Bells Baths

When? Sunday 14th August 2022 @ 7pm

Instagram: @kylefrancisfal / @johnrushmusicuk

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