10 Til’10 By The Vanities Out Now – Reviewed And Approved

By Megan Hughes

Round about this time last year I posted a review of a single released by Glasgow garage punk group called the vanities.  If you had listened to me then you’d be following them and know that last month they released a new single 10 Til’10.  If you did not follow my advice I welcome you over from the dark side to now introduce you to The Vanities. The band has something to say and we are all going to hear it.

The music shall come crashing through you speakers in the way you would expect from The Vanities.  You can hear definite development in the band from their single I’d Rather Die however their signature sound is still there. 

Glasgow is a city which is boiling over with new groups appearing every other week so to hear development through two singles released approximately a year apart but key sounds and styles tying it to the group say a great deal about the commitment this group of young men have to their sound and playing to the fans rather than the label – very on brand.

This single does take us away from their previous revolutionary inspiring message and instead forces us to take a look at ourselves and the reality of addictions and substance abuse which are topics which impact a great deal of natives to the bands home city.  Although, this song may be less directly political the message it shares can certainly be interpreted to a political forum.  Do not let the message in the lyrics confuse you regarding the sound the song may carry – it is most definitely a high energy song full of splash riffs and catchy hooks which are sure to get you humming it throughout the day.

The lyrics make reference to introducing yourself at AA; seeing the sticker at the bottom of every bottle but the lyrics which I think carry the most weight are ‘blood is thick but vodka is thicker’.  A very telling statement to make highlighting how once one is consumed by the disease that is addiction the bond of blood no longer counts for anything. 

Front man, Alan, made a big step noting how personal the song is to him which, in my opinion, is a very brave thing to do.  The band are making big moves with big meanings behind them and deserve every single one of the fans they have, hopefully after you finish reading this article they shall have another.

Be sure to stream the single and if you like their music or just what they stand for you can catch them playing Stereo in Glasgow this summer, July 23rd 2022.

Instagram – @thevanitiesuk

Twitter – @TheVanitiesUK

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