Fake Lips Showcase their Undeniable Musical Chemistry with New Demo Single – ‘Community’ Review

West Lothian and Glasgow based Rock/Punk duo Fake Lips released their fourth single ‘Community’ on Tuesday the 21st of December. Their intention was to launch the new track at midnight, after their headline show at Broadcast Glasgow, however, the big thing that is cancelling everyone’s plans right now happened to unfortunately strike again.

Despite this, Fake Lips decided to release ‘Community’ anyway and the three and a half minute blast of garage rock is now available to stream across all major platforms. The band have also recorded a live music video which is available to watch on YouTube now.

The band consists of Gary McLean on vocals and guitar, and Michael Cameron on drums; two individuals who are very compatible musically. The dynamic between the members of Fake Lips is a particularly strong one which is apparent in the (as Cameron puts it) “question and answer” style of this track.

This is the lads’ second release of 2021, the last one being October’s ‘Sucker‘, and both songs cohesively display the punk-influenced garage rock sound the band are going for.

‘Community’ is a strong offering from the duo. It is the type of track which would fit perfectly well within Spotify’s ‘Walk Like A Badass’ playlist. The demo single is mixed well enough to properly encapsulate each part of the bare-bones guitar, drums, and vocals. The song is loaded with heavy, explosive riffs that contrast greatly from the quieter verses and the two musicians work off of each other throughout.

Furthermore, McLean’s vocal style does not just “work” with the instrumental but instead cements his voice as a top offering in the Glasgow music scene for all of your Jack White, Dan Auerbach and Dave Grohl fanatics. Cameron’s drumming also remains compelling throughout and shines within not only the tight fills, but even the parts where the beat dances with, and compliments the distorted guitar riffs.

Overall, ‘Community’ by Fake Lips is a vibrant and electric rock n’ roll track; crafted by a pair with undeniable musical chemistry, which commands the listener to blast the volume, throw on some shades, and strut down the street like it’s nobody’s business!

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I am a 19 year old undergraduate student at the University of Glasgow currently studying English Literature. Alongside this, I front a Glasgow-based indie rock band called The Zebecks.

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