The Katuns are pumping out the tunes with their latest all-round hit: The Holiday.

Carrying all the right tropes of some good Indie/Pop, The Holiday is a fun track that can raise your mood in a summer vibes, music festival kind of way.

Plucky, and full of energy, The Katuns have worked with Jamie Holmes to develop their sound in the right direction to set themselves up for a future in music. The track carries all the necessary tropes of a modern indie sound, the straight, solid drums complimented by a more liberated bassline, lead guitar that weaves throughout the song, and simple, effective vocals that act as another layer to the overall sound, rather than a solo artist with a backing band.

With recent successes of other young Scottish bands in this genre (The Snuts, Dancing on Tables, Vistas, Parliamo, Fabric Bear and more…)  the Katuns have very much announced themselves at the party, following a recent set at The Isle of Wight festival, the boys have an impressive list of gigs booked ahead of them. Tipped by Gigslutz as “ones to watch,” The Katuns have already secured radio play in the US on Sirius XM, which bodes well for 2022.

It’s a precarious tightrope to walk as an indie/pop band to avoid a flat, forgettable sound, as can happen when tracks are ‘over produced’ and lyrics blander than oat cakes. The Katuns have something about them however, it’s encouraging to hear the prominent lead guitar of Declan Milne command the melody of a tune and dominate throughout, the buzzy tone adds enough texture to the mix to keep the track from sounding thin. Singer Adam Frame has a slight huskiness to his voice that serves him well, and it will be exciting to see him develop his lyrics further as the band progresses. The drumming of Matt Collins is solid, with small but welcome flourishes onto the toms allowing for more depth in the groove; but he is well complimented by the bouncy, melodic bass playing of Declan Fisher who to me really brings this song to life and hooks the listener in.

It’s clear that The Katuns have made a great start, and things are moving in the right direction for them. They have a lot to be proud of so far, but we definitely want to see more from them, we know that they have the facility to push the boat out on the next track, and we’ll be waiting with baited breath. Absolutely a band to catch live as soon as you can, check their upcoming schedule here.

Listen to The Holiday.

Keep up with The Katuns.

Published by Michael John Cameron

A generally curious mind, I'm always keen to learn and grow: My personal interest lies in music and the arts, I'm a gigging and recording drummer, I manage social media and admin for my two-piece Rock band. I'm also an enthusiast for podcasting and music writing, having created my own blogs and podcasts, as well as featured on many more in the local music scene. History graduate, Musician, Communicator.

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