Jack Hinks courts introspection in melancholy ‘The Emperor’

[Jack Hinks – ‘The Emperor’ art]

By Sandy Power

Edinburgh-based singer-songwriter and producer Jack Hinks continues with his series of songs circling the stages of grief with a morose study of depression in ‘The Emperor’. The song resides in solitude, glancing at the introspection of grief and pointing to sacrifice, maturity and change.

In the nature of solitude, we are introduced to the song through Hinks’ guitar and a solo trumpet; a lamenting jazz melody playing over Hinks’ beautifully clear and resonant electric guitar picking. We are then treated to Hinks’ distinctive baritone, supported by atmospheric synth pads.

Jack Hinks.

As ever, Hinks’ guitar playing is subtly beautiful, with little ornaments adding extra spice. The piano in unison with the guitar adds depth to the sparse arrangement. Indeed, the song makes a deft use of space, each part having a distinct purpose in the song, as well as contributing to the melancholy feel. The use of reverb also supports this ambiance.

Hinks’ use of falsetto range towards the end of the song adds to the ethereal, airy and ultimately sad mood. The trumpet seeing the song out leaves us in search of resolution, asking questions which can be answered by the other songs in the series.

Jack Hunks at Sofar Sounds in Glasgow.

‘The Emperor’ highlights the maturity and skill of Hinks’ song-writing and also displays his impressive musicality with some gorgeous guitar playing. The arrangement is well thought out, in particular the appearances of the lamenting trumpet, which suits the mood of the song down to a tee. This is one downtempo exploration of introspection that you shouldn’t overlook.

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