‘Whispers’ are all Sapienn needs in order to be heard

[Sapienn – ‘Whispers’ single art]

By Sandy Power

Sapienn is the solo project of Glasgow singer-songwriter Scott Simpson. The multi-instrumentalist, who spent his formative years as a guitarist in the city’s underground metal scene, has seen his solo acoustic project grow arms and legs over the last year or so, with broader arrangements and stylistic variation.

Scott Simpson / Sapienn

Scott’s latest track ‘Whispers’ expands on his exploration into pop music but with a more expansive style than his previous release, the insatiably funky ‘Provocateur’. Opening with a chirpy Japanese sounding riff, the track employs a number of electronic elements to back Simpson’s distinctive tenor. The track is awash with melody, whilst retaining a rhythm that drives the track forward, albeit in a more subtle fashion than on ‘Provocateur’.

My favourite addition to Sapienn’s musical arsenal on this track is the wind section, which act as a foil for the equally grand string section, fleshing out the track’s arrangement. The clarity of all of these, as well as the more conventional pop elements, is noticeable in the mix and there is an appropriate space for every element utilised.

Sapienn in performance.

Similarly impressive are the drums, which add a real impact to the already majestic song. Overall, the execution of the track is pitch perfect, with both programmed and performed elements showing a great precision in how they have been tackled. The lack of musical excess Simpson aims for in retaliation to his days as a metal guitarist is still very apparent, despite the number building into something far grander than his previous efforts.

All of this clear consideration and experimentation points to further results if the path is continued. Future Sapienn releases should be highly anticipated.

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