Single Review: Fauves – Ends Of Me

Glasgow six-piece Fauves gifted us with their new single Ends of Me on the 6th of August 2021.

With life rapidly changing from what we have experienced over the last eighteenth months, Ends of Me is a track which works perfectly to fuel our collective feelings of relief and excitement for the prospect of a brighter future.

At first listen, Ends of Me presents itself as a tight indie-rock track, however it is, in fact, a great deal more complex. A careful ear will pick up injections of shoegaze guitar, disco-style bass and light, pop vocals, altogether creating an idyllic melange of genres which hooks us from the first note.

The cinematic music video for the track was written, directed and edited by Kasparas Vidunas and Eric J. Liddle of Humble Film Productions. It shows Fauves’ frontman adopting the role of a lost wanderer who roams a picturesque forest whilst being repeatedly drawn towards a pyramid which sits prominently among the trees.

Our protagonist appears to drift in and out of consciousness as he comes face-to-face with several versions of himself and witnesses the pyramid morph from traditional Egyptian style to a colourful, Dark Side Of The Moon-esque apparition. It seems he is searching for a path, sign or meaning amidst chaos and confusion – an experience that many of us may be able relate to in one way or another, especially during recent times.

The track promises excellent things from Fauves’ upcoming debut album, which is scheduled for release early next year. For something sooner to look forward to, Fauves will be making their live return on the mainstage of Playground festival on the 23rd of September alongside the likes of The Libertines and Hot Chip. This will be an unmissable performance which will undoubtedly display the band’s talent and captivate existing and new fans.

Keep up to date with Fauves via their socials:

Facebook – @fauvesband

Twitter – @LesFauvesGLA

Instagram – @fauvesband

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