You’re Gonna Go Tonto When You Listen to This Cracker – Insider OUT NOW

By Megan Hughes

Scottish Indie Rock n Roll four piece are ready to make waves as they released a new single, which is sure to be a crowd pleaser, just in time for their upcoming live gigs.

The quartet hails from Alloa and is made up of front man Kieran Fisher; Jason Strachan commanding the drums; Scott Archibald wow-ing on the base and Lyle Finlay rocking out on the lead guitar. 

Fisher started out as a solo act but put the band together just in time for the global Coronavirus pandemic to put a halt to many things. The band has clearly being quietly working away and honing their craft which is evident in their latest release Insider.  Insider was release July 30th as a follow up to their previous release ‘Down The Hatch’. 

Insider has definite resemblances to some John Lennon releases, specifically his 1980 release Woman intro. The riffs are the real masterpieces in this track which is why it is no surprise to find they were the first part of the song to be composed. Finlay came up with the riff and then the song was built round that. Although, the group has kept the sound of this song cohesive with previous works lyrically this song has taken a different direct when comparing it to down the hatch. This song is all about the good vibes and feeling that free and soul lifting kind of love; the type you only ever really see in the perfectly directed and choreographed scene on the big screens. 

There must be something in the Scottish water because all the Scottish bands are producing absolute festival rockers.  Tonto have joined the pack with this release.  A single which oozes a festival vibe; a live crowd along with frontman fishers expertise at working the crowd will only aid in making the track sound a feel even better than it already is.

This release seems like perfect timing as the guys are set to make their official festival debut at Falkirk’s Vibration Fstival next month.  And for those of you who can’t wait for that you can catch opening for The Chas at Broadcast in Glasgow Friday August 29th. 

I have a feeling this group are going to age like a fine wine and only get better with time.  I am keen to see how the evolve on regress with future releases. 

You can follow them at:

Instagram – @tontoofficialuk

Twitter –  @TontoOfficialUK

Facebook –

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