Jodie Rae shows a different side on latest single ‘Glance’

[Artwork credit: Shot by Will]

By Kieran Cannon

Fresh off the back of her first live gigs since Scottish lockdown restrictions were eased, Ayrshire based artist Jodie Rae has returned with her second single – the follow up to ‘Creepin‘, released late-April. Produced by SoundMagic Studios and Circa16 Recording among others, you can stream it via Spotify below.

The past couple of months have been jam-packed for Jodie. As well as post-lockdown performances at Dumfries’ The Plaza and Ayr’s Harleys venue, her video project ‘At First Glance‘ – featuring BSL performances of three original songs – was selected for screening by Dumfries & Galloway arts collective Young Promoters Group.

Given her close ties to the arts and acting, it’s no surprise her expressive abilities shine through in her songwriting. Her music, however, serves as an interesting counterpoint to her acting career, in that she plays one character and one character only – herself.

While her debut release offered an insight into her own headspace throughout the turmoils of a relationship, ‘Glance‘ is more direct – questioning the very integrity and value of the relationship itself. Sung over fingerpicked guitar with a gentle piano accompaniment, the melody feels much breezier than the emotional journey on ‘Creepin‘, though there are undercurrents of melancholy that reflect the mood of the lyrics.

By posing a series of questions right at the beginning of the track, “I know our worth, I know our worth / but what you gonna pay? Am I worth it? What’s your intentions? Are they good?“, the narrative shifts. It is no longer passive and contemplative; instead, it drops the listener right into the discussion between the two characters in the story.

Demonstrating candour and vulnerability, this latest track showcases yet more creativity from the singer-songwriter and expands on the strong foundations built by her debut offering. As always, the best place to enjoy her music is in a live settings so check out her socials below to find out where you can catch her next.

Stay up to date with Jodie Rae via her socials below:

Facebook: @JodieRaeMusic
Instagram: @jodie_rae_music

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