Holly Roseanna seeks to preserve ‘Eden’ on majestic folk-pop number

[Holly Roseanna – ‘Eden’ single art by E Collins Creates]

By Sandy Power

Kirkcaldy based singer/songwriter Holly Roseanna’s latest single ‘Eden’ gives off light 90s RnB/Soul vibes whilst tackling the pressing issue of coastal erosion. Sung in her distinctive Fife twang, the vocal describes a series of coastal images, evoking both its beauty and fragility.

Photo of Holly Roseanna by E Collins Creates

‘Eden’ rocks smoothly between verse and chorus in a wave-like ebb and flow. The song contains thick effusive textures, with an expressive and soulful organ and electric guitar backing Roseanna’s vocals, which, like the descriptions of the coastline, display a powerful grandeur as well as at times a vulnerability.

According to Roseanna, ‘Eden’ is inspired generally by the growing effects of climate change, but more specifically by the natural beauty of Tentsmuir Forest in Fife, which also stars in the song’s music video, shot by Michael Groves at Broadwing Media. The video also features some stunning footage of the nearby coastline.

Holly Roseanna – ‘Eden’ Music Video. Filmed by Broadwing Media.

Roseanna expands on her reasons for writing the song, “Naming the track ‘Eden’ was a nod towards the Eden estuary, as well as highlighting the very Eden-like, tranquil atmosphere of Tentsmuir Forest. In addition to putting a spotlight on the area’s natural beauty, I also wanted to focus on the wider issues of the climate emergency and the impact this is having on our coasts and waters. I think it’s important for us all to play our part in protecting our natural treasures so that they can be enjoyed for generations to come.”

This need to highlight the impact of climate change on our waters and wildlife is backed up by Roseanna’s accompanying Just Giving crowdfund campaign, through which she is donating to the UK Marine Conservation Society who help to protect Scotland’s Sea and coast.

Graphic containing image of Holly Roseanna shot and designed by E Collins Creates.

The song, co-written by Roseanna and Graeme Clark, and mixed and mastered by Dominic Hardy at Gracenote Studios, Dunfermline, is a fittingly beautiful piece of folk/pop, which matches deft musicianship with rousing melody. It is a powerful call to arms aimed at us all, to sort out the environmental mess of which we are beginning to see the tragic effects.

Social and media links for Holly Roseanna HERE

Donate to her Just Giving raising funds for the UK Marine Conservation Society

Stream ‘Eden’ on Spotify

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