The Awkward Release New Track ‘Ride The Wave’.

Hailing from the Netherlands, The Awkward have just released their newest single ‘Ride The Wave’ and it’s an absolute bop. The band have already been picked up by the likes of Spotify’s New Music NL, Amazing Radio and many more which shows that The Awkward have got big things ahead of them.

The Awkward beautifully mix new pop sounds with 80’s dance and indie sounds creating the unique sound that is The Awkward. Their new single ‘Ride The Wave’ is the perfect summer song, I can already picture listening to it in the back garden with a few drinks. ‘Ride The Wave’ will leave you singing the chorus for days, the song stands out and is the refreshing music that we all need right now.

The band said “This is an uplifting, retro yet modern feeling, synth pop song that shows the light at the end of the tunnel. ‘Ride The Wave’ is about a person that wasn’t in a great place and didn’t know where her life was heading. Our advice: ride the wave of life, and you know what? Sometimes it sucks, but you’ve got to keep on going. This song is a burst of motivation for those who need it!”

Keep up to date with the band here:
Facebook: @theawkwardmusic
Instagram: @theawkwardmusic

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