Declan Welsh and the Decadent West Leave Lockdown Behind With New Single – ‘Another One’ [Review]

Songwriter and poet Declan Welsh has returned with his band The Decadent West for their first single of the year. The Glasgow band released ‘Another One’ on the 13th of May with a dance choreographed music video that dropped on the 28th.

The band had this to say about their new track:

“It’s a song about being far apart from each other, and specifically about the very strange year we’ve all spent indoors. It’s a wee journey, musically and lyrically, and I think the tune sort of reflects the way different emotions are constantly competing in your head when you have too much time to reflect. It’s about boredom, anxiety, fear, aimlessness, hope and looking forward to seeing other people again.”

‘Another One’ is an ode to the universal emotion of strangeness we feel as the world abandons lockdown and returns to ‘normality’ (whatever that is). Coming in at four minutes and twenty four seconds, the song is jam-packed with the awkward small-talk, the reminders of good health and all the other covid-clichés we’ve grown accustomed to hearing over the past year. Welsh’s songwriting genius manages to truly capture the purgatory the world is in between lockdown and normal life in a relatable albeit refreshing way.

In all honesty ‘Another One’ is, in my opinion, the greatest piece of Scottish music to come out of lockdown. The lyricism present on this track is some of Welsh’s most impressive work as he dramatises trivial life for Scots post-lockdown.

Starting off with a depressing reflection on what life used to be like, the narrator of the song pines over days of “carefree” touch. After hearing of the loss of will to even set the alarm in the morning, we then we get a glimpse into that all-too-familiar conversation:

‘Aye I’ve been the same, up to fuck all really.

Been up to much yourself?

It’s good to sorta see you.’

As the track continues, Welsh details the lockdown induced anxiety many have felt over the past year before switching the tone to a more positive note. The track ends on a blast of hope as the narrator dreams of life returning to normal with pubs, rounds of drinks, dancing, singing and embracing each other.

The instrumental is unique and fresh to the band’s sound. The synth style is reminiscent of The Doors yet the explosion of the outro is straight out of the end of the century’s alt scene. The Decadent West take a retro waltz drum rhythm and layer a distorted bass tone, overdriven guitar and wailing vocals over the top for a really strong mix.

Another One’ is a brilliantly crafted lockdown song that looks back on the past year with the relatable sense of strangeness we have all felt but still glimpses at the future with hope and happiness as we move towards better times. Declan Welsh and the Decadent West have announced their next single and I could not be more excited to hear what they come out with next!

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