Two Skies Release Summer Anthem ‘Loser’.

Hailing from the North West of England, Two Skies have just released their second single ‘Loser’ and it’s the anthem for the summer. After only forming during the pandemic the duo have been making strides with the music they have been making.

‘Loser’ follows the successful debut single ‘Another Way’ and it 100% lives up to the hype. The song was written after Cal seeing a screenshot on Twitter of someone being told that a girl would never go out with them because they were a loser. Cal then wrote the song in a call and response with the two people’s perspective.

The single opens with the words ‘I feel kinda dumb but em I miss you’ over a soft electric guitar creating the theme of the song straight away. Cal’s vocals then kick in with a strong drum beat giving ‘Loser’ an uplifting feel. You can hear the amount of detail the duo have put into every aspect of the track.

Brad and Cal of Two Skies.

Throughout ‘Loser’ you can hear a strong bass line which massively adds to sections of the track. The chorus is filled with lyrics that you’ll be singing for days alongside outstanding harmonies that take ‘Loser’ to the next level.

‘Loser’ will definitely be one of my favourite tracks this summer and I’m already playing it on repeat. I’ve already said it once but this band are definitely going places. They play at RivFest on Sunday 8th August so make sure you get down to watch them there!

Two Skies debut single ‘Another Way’.

Make sure you keep up to date with the band:
Facebook – @twoskiesuk
Instagram – @twoskiesuk
Twitter- @twoskiesuk

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