Dead Pony Drag Us From the Basement to the Stage – With the Video Launch of 23, Never Me.

By Michael Cameron

Dead Pony are bursting through our screens with the Official Video to their latest single ’23, Never Me.’

Directed by Dead Pony & Daniel Blake Shot & Edited by Daniel Blake (danielblakevisuals)

All the nervous tension of a band held back until recently by covid is laid bare in a focused statement of intent to return to the stage with a bang. Having recently picked up plaudits from the likes of Lauren Mayberry of Chvrches on Radio 1 with Jack Saunders; Dead Pony are anxious to live up to their hype by demonstrating their raw energy and compelling stage presence in their companion video to ’23, Never Me.’

Photographer/ Videographer and regular collaborator of the band, Daniel Blake, returns once more, and has put together a video that is visually gripping, from the dynamic sets and cuts to the organic capturing of the band’s compelling movement and energy.

The video itself ties together this live force that Dead Pony want to portray, with the visceral representation of what the song ’23, Never Me’ is about – dispelling negative people from your life.

The opening spiralling shot symbolises how toxic relationships can leave your head spinning, people who are using you, and draining your life energy to fuel their own, are adept at leaving you feeling confused and inept. The track itself is pulsing, with a punching, driving beat, and has an active nature that is well captured by Blake.

Serving also as an introduction to the fanbase of new bassist Liam Adams, the band are oozing with attitude, and singer Anna Shields clearly has a firm grip of her own narrative, matching beauty with anger and power. Her comfort in front of the camera indicates a natural talent and cements her presence as the front of a proper punk band.

“Know it, I know it, I know it, I know it, *gasp* *gasp* I know he’s gone; I know he’s gone.”

The sharp breath intakes from Anna in the chorus are infectious, and you find yourself emulating them as you watch, her performance in the video drags the viewer into her mindset, which is helped by the compelling and eye-contact rich, personal camera angles.

“Fly, stuck in my room, buzzing around, getting on my nerves.”

As Anna delivers these cutting lyrics, guitarist Blair Crichton thrashes out, bringing that harder, metal-influenced side to the band and sound. The boys bring a menacing nature to the screen, Liam with the baseball bat, and Blair with the chains.

“Your face could use a bruising, what’s falling out your mouth is nothing more than just amusing.”

This notion of wielding destructive force to dispel negativity is depicted with the smashing of the pile of trash, and the brandishing of the former chains, now broken, symbolises wresting control from an oppressive or toxic friend, and serves as a warning from Dead Pony to stay in your own lane, and out of theirs.

The video serves its purpose well, hitting the mark visually, and drives the viewer to want to see more from the band, as gigs appear increasingly on the horizon, this reality is moving closer to us than we realise.

A live version of the track has been recorded for BBC Radio 1’s Big Weekend, and tickets are now live to see Dead Pony at King Tut’s Wah Wah Hut in Glasgow on August 28th 2021. If you can make it, don’t miss out.

Watch the video for yourself.

Keep up with Dead Pony.

Listen to ’23, Never Me.’

Published by Michael John Cameron

A generally curious mind, I'm always keen to learn and grow: My personal interest lies in music and the arts, I'm a gigging and recording drummer, I manage social media and admin for my two-piece Rock band. I'm also an enthusiast for podcasting and music writing, having created my own blogs and podcasts, as well as featured on many more in the local music scene. History graduate, Musician, Communicator.

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