The Brassholes Are Back And By Popular Demand With New Release Oh Savanna – Listen Now!

By Megan Hughes

Tom McGuire and The Brassholes are back and ready to provide another hit for your ears. Oh Savanna provides the heat, energy, harmonies and the sound we all know the guys to nail every time.

The track opens busy with a voice talking, McGuire warming up just beneath the spoken vocals; noises from different instruments littered all over the place which I reckon is just what the guys were going for. The music sounded busy, hot and humid – just the right vibe for a busy New Orleans street with the hustle and bustle of people. The inspiration of Dr John can be heard loud and clear though the entire song. Within the first twenty seconds keys can be heard which could have been puled straight from ‘Accentuate The Positive’.

The lyrics are similar to that of Bob Dylan or Bruce Springsteen as the song is a story. The band are great story tellers with McGuire singing about flying high and in his own words ‘killing it’ only for it all o eventually go south; finding himself one year later to the day questioning how it all went wrong. Like Springsteen and Dylan the song, although, a literal story which can be followed start to finish it, also, has hidden meanings in it. Singing about losing Savanna is both literal and figurative as the relationship is lost but McGuire is at the same time singing about losing his way in the world.

With the help of the rest of the band McGuire has the ability to sing about what could be some pretty heavy feeling lyrics. However, the song doesn’t feel like that which is all down to the delivery which would be impossible without the magnificent musicians involved.

The sound in this single is similar but yet very different to the last. Still smooth and funky with energy this song sounds ‘busier’ than their last single – Super Solid Soul Vehicle – but yet slower. Perhaps down to less question and answer between the front man and the band. Don’t worry though the guys still deliver a masterpiece – you shall learn to expect nothing less from them.

The chorus is catchy and easy to sing along with the climb up the notes a beautiful accent for the ear to enjoy.  It also provides a very mild back as the bass in the track creates a staccato emphasis which hits on the beat. It’s hard not to chime in with it.

The song is broken down and pulled apart approximately 3mins in and built up with everyone getting an honorable mention to end with an earth shattering crescendo.  The back up vocals and harmonies are exquisite and really help fill the song by keeping the sound busy without descending into chaos.  A fine line which this band loves to dance along but it is very clear that this is where they shine. Again, something which highlights the incredible talent everyone involved has.

To keep up with the guys and listen to all their inevitably cracking new singles you can catch them at the below:

Facebook –

Instagram – @tomandthebrassholes

Twitter- @brassholes

Official Website –

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