The Inspiring Sarah Caltieri Is Taking Us On A Journey of Self Love, Are You Ready?

By Megan Hughes 

Sarah Caltieri is an already critically acclaimed artist; she has already earned her stripes which is evident in her new album.  She makes singing sound easy and isn’t scared to let her voice be the main instrument of any track.  She doesn’t need bells and whistles; she doesn’t even need to work her voice very hard to create a phenomenal sound. She is confident in stripping things back to the basics and letting you really hear her – and judge her. 

Sadly, in her early twenties Sarah lost most of her vision through type 1 Diabetes, however, it was not a career ending turn of events.  Through listening to her music it is clear that this life experience has been processed through music; she has spurred on against the odds and proven she is the exception and not the rule because she doesn’t give up. 

In her new album ‘Something I Couldn’t Say’ she has three ,in particular, really moving and inspirational songs. 

First up is ‘Higher Than Before’ – it opens with some soft and plucked strings and Caltieri coming in with a very full voice. The way the pieces of the songs all fit together, with the way the drums were being played etc. reminded me the Begin Again original sound track. The chorus builds things up a bit for it all to be stripped back again so we can really appreciate the voice which Caltieri has. Her voice doesn’t require to be dressed up, the drums manage to be light and airy to make sure Caltieri doesn’t drown in the depth of her own voice – however, should the drums be removed I am sure that she would manage. Lyrically Sarah sings about your life being lost and needing to rebuild it, perhaps some inspiration was pulled from her personal life. She sings about how nobody can understand what you have been through, we all have our individual experiences but for ourselves we must stay strong.

The second key track is ‘No More Tears’, again this song opens with strings but the are deeper and heavier that before.  A whisper, a mere suggestion of an electric guitar dances beneath the acoustic as an accent. In comparison to the previous this song is busier, more full of life.  Caltieri sings about not being able to escape the path she is on but the road ahead looks bright; and how she is letting things go and moving on.  This song does feel like it’s is cleansing.  You can feel the insecurities wash away as she preaches about self love regardless of the world we live in. 

The sound gets heavier with the electric guitar building and Sarahs voice becoming a harmony in the chorus unlike previously being the showstopper. Then comes a big guitar solo with all sorts of magic on the scales. The song is stripped back again, reminding us who the star is do give a fully finish using everyone for sound. 

The third track of note is ‘Reflections’, perhaps the most emotionally moving song on the album.  Straight away as Sarah starts singing you can feel the raw emotion ricocheting out. It is clear she is singing through emotions. Lyrics touching on themes of feeling scared and alone are made all the more intense as Caltieri’s voice remains strong and unwavering. This song could move you to tears, you feel everything she feels: fear, uncertainty, insecurity, overwhelmed – an array of emotions which demand to be felt. 

These aren’t just songs; these are art. 

Make sure you keep up to date with Sarah via her social media:

Twitter: sarahcaltieri

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