Gig Review – 23 Promotions & Immersive TV Presents Sasha Kaloheris, Feet of Clay, Marc McCartney, The Rain Experiment, TMcG&TB

The third virtual gig from 23 Promotions & Immersive TV took place on Friday 16th April where a variety of extremely talented acts took to the stage for a full night of entertainment and live music. The line up consisted of Marc McCartney, Tom McGuire and the Brassholes, Fleet of Clay, Sasha Kaloheris and The Rain Experiment.

Marc McCartney

Opening with an Eagles classic ‘Take It Easy’, it was the perfect track to ooze the virtual audience in with Marc’s breezy soulful voice. Straight onto one of his original tracks titled, ‘Homeless and Afraid’, the acoustics highlighted Marc’s strong vocals and the uplifting lyrics that there’s always light at the end of the tunnel. The third song of the night was the famous Tennessee Whiskey which Marc made his own. It’s funny the sun was shining through my living room window at that exact moment and it just really blended with the harmonica and the soft sound of the acoustics. This was actually my first time listening to Marc but it certainly won’t be the last… he’s got the type of voice that you could listen to all night.

My favourite part of the set was when he covered The View’s Face for The Radio acoustically and just totally made it his own. It just goes to show the variety of genres he can cover but transfer them into his own indie folk style… think Ray LaMontagne meets Gomez. During his performance, Marc covered the likes of Ed Sheeran, The View, The Eagles and The Lumineers, providing a set that had something for everyone which can be so difficult yet Marc smashed it…. I’ll certainly be making a point in going to see him when gigs return!

Tom McGuire and The Brassholes

The eight piece funk soul powerhouse knocked it out the park with their set, opening up with the much loved, Super Solid Soul Vehicle. It was incredible seeing a full live band and for the first time in 13 months I truly felt that I was at a venue watching live music. This is a band that have been top of my list to see and I certainly wasn’t disappointed… the amount of talent in one stage is insane. There’s a Keyboardist, a Trombonist, a Trumpeter, a bassist, a drummer, two saxophonists and just when you don’t think you can get any better, the incredible front man is also a electric guitarist … it’s really just the band of all bands.

The high quality of live music can be hard to come by nowadays yet Tom McGuire and the Brassholes are perfect examples of true professionals. Each of their singles allows the audience to get lost in the sweet sounds of funk / jazz and it’s not until see you a band like TM&BH that you really appreciate live music. They ended their set with Ric Flair – woooo which left the interactive audience on a high. If this is the talent and energy they can bring to the crowd via a virtual gig, imagine the crowds in a live setting!

Feet of Clay

Johnpaul’s vocals are similar to Jim Morrison but the music itself has familiar influences to Stone Roses & Charlatans giving Fleet of Clay a unique range of style. My favourite track of the night had to be Crash, a heart-breaking ballad which shows the full potential of Feet of Clay, not just within their song writing techniques but also when playing to a live audience. Their final track of the night was their latest release, No Apologies which reached number 3 in the UK Alternative ITunes Charts although definitely deserves a number 1 space with it’s quirky guitar riffs and uplifting melodies, it’s the ultimate summer tune. A great way to end a fantastic set.

As much as I’ve been a fan of the band for years, this was my first chance to see a snip of Feet of Clay live in action… John’s powerful vocals alongside the gripping music certainly makes them one of the main players within Scottish music scene.

Sasha Kaloheris

Opening up with the gripping Sam Fender track, The Borders, Sasha Kaloheris had the crowd in her hands right from the offset. The Borders was a great choice of opener as it really highlighted Sasha’s colourful tones and impressive guitar skills. This set for me really emphasised Sasha’s talents in not only performing but as a song writer too. One of her original tracks that she performed was called ‘Don’t Call For Me’ and it totally hooked me from the start. I absolute adored the honest but inspiring lyrics. The theme of the song suggests trying to get over someone by cutting them out of your life. A theme I’m sure many people can relate too. That’s what music is all about, most people listen to music to help them through certain issues in their life and for Sasha to be writing those type of high quality songs at seventeen can you imagine five / ten years from now?

My favourite track of the set had to be her Holly Humberstone cover of overkill. I’d never actually heard of the artist before but after hearing Sasha’s take on it, I did some investigating and I’m now a huge fan. The natural power in Sasha’s voice is very similar to Holly’s … that lovely pitch that collides with the music so effortlessly.

Sasha ended the set with her latest single. Bad Days which was the perfect ending to a gripping set. Remember the name cause mark my words, this is only the beginning for Sasha Kaloheris.

The Rain Experiment

Last but by no means least the headliners of the night, The Rain Experiment took to the stage. Starting with their latest release, A Path of Your Own it was clear the level of professionalism within the band is at such a high standard. The Rain Experiment have always been a band that just know how to perform well in a live setting and this set was certainly no different. The first and only time I’d seen the band play at a live setting before was at an acoustic night supporting John Rush so it was great being able to see them play a full live set.

I always find it crazy how The Rain Experiment have only released two tracks yet they have such a loyal and supportive fan base, it just goes to how the quality within their music. During the set a few teasers of some potential new releases came to light and I must say we are in for a treat. The last track of the night had to be the brilliant ‘Be My Angel’ which of course had everyone singing along to the catchy psychedelic chorus.

I can honestly say there’s not a band out there at the moment I could compare The Rain Experiment too. Everything about them is so fresh and unique and it’s exactly what is needed in the Scottish music scene.

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