Connor Fyfe’s Indie-Rock Religion Returns On Newest Single – ‘Pray’ [Review]

By Daniel Thomson

Scottish singer-songwriter Connor Fyfe releases his newest single ‘Pray’ on Friday the 7th of May. Hailing from Bellshill, the 14 year old has put an impressive dent into the Scottish gig scene. Fyfe awaits his first tour of Scotland later this year having already smashed an impressive record with it. He is now the youngest ever artist to sell-out Glasgow’s iconic King Tut’s Wah Wah Hut and due to incredibly high demand, has additionally added a date at Drummonds in Aberdeen.

On top of this, he released his debut album ‘Don’t’ in March 2020 and another track ‘Truth Be Told’ towards the end of the year. Now, the solo artist is cementing himself as a regular in the Scottish music scene with ‘Pray’.

The song immediately phases into jangly overdriven guitar before the rest of the band join together. The small intricacies in both guitar channels may not be noticeable on a first listen but when looking out for them, they take this song past any preconception of typical indie-rock. Connor has his guitar tone down to a T and the retro-styled lead fuses well with a contemporary indie sound which in turn, creates a blend of guitar music that compliments his voice incredibly well.

Speaking of, the lad has an outstanding pair of lungs in him. At only 14 years old, Fyfe has full control and command over his own unique, powerful vocal which in turn makes this track equally impressive as it is replayable. Hints of Capaldi fused with early Jake Bugg echo through the four minute tune but Fyfe proves that he is his own artist and impresses the listener with a very dynamic range.

Moreover, the chorus of ‘Pray’ is definitely its highlight. It comes complete with fast-paced, upbeat and clear vocals, tight drums and some supreme lead riffs. The listener can sense the direction the chorus is going and it builds and builds to a satisfying hook.

The production on the vocals cannot be faulted in this track at all. It takes an indie-rock instrumental and places crisp pop vocals on top to construct a creative, unique sound. Despite this, I feel as if the cymbals can fall a slight bit short at some points within the mix and the bass could be more prominent but this in no way detracts with how exceptionally intricate each part is. There’s no denying that a display of true talent is present on ‘Pray’.

With lyrics pleading out for you to “pray for (him)”, Fyfe’s songwriting prowess shines through in a delivery of sing-along angsty rock-and-roll. It is easy to imagine his sold-out crowd belting back lines such as “I can’t breathe without you” . Fyfe has grown a strong following that I’m more than sure are “praying” with him to get back out at gigs but until then, he has definitely delivered a magical indie track that deserves the undoubted praise it will bring him.

“Pray” by Connor Fyfe is out on all major streaming platforms on 07/05/2021.

It is an exciting track which fuses many different influences and also brings something new to the Scottish scene. Don’t miss this talented young lad at a venue near you this autumn!

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Published by Daniel Thomson

I am a 19 year old undergraduate student at the University of Glasgow currently studying English Literature. Alongside this, I front a Glasgow-based indie rock band called The Zebecks.

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