Mark Sharp and The Bicycle Thieves Have Released a New Festival and Summer Anthem – Listen Now!

By Megan Hughes

Mark Sharp and the Bicycle Thieves might be a group which feels like a memory but trust me they are back and ready to blow you away.

The five piece group from Whitburn were gaining fans, experience and momentum which, sadly, had to be  paused due to Coronavirus. The guys may have gone quiet for a while but I can assure you they have been busy behind the scenes working on their latest release which shall have you listening to their entire catalogue to get yourself reacquainted with them.

Pre pandemic they were named as support for some pretty big Scottish names – Lewis Capaldi, Kyle Falconer, and new scots living legends The Snuts.  However, being the main attraction is also within their repertoire as they have, thus far, managed to sell out all their headline gigs; their most recent being St Lukes in Glasgow.

The new release, Sink or Swim, deserves to be a festival anthem. I am hoping and praying to the music festival gods that this summer the world is safer so this single can get the shot it deserves at becoming a festival classic. It’s a cracker to stream but with the track recorder this quintet have of energetic shows and festival appearances I’m certain that given the opportunity and a bit of sunshine they could earn this single a slot on the soundtrack of summer 2021.

You can certainly hear a difference in their sound in comparison to earlier releases but they still sound like themselves.  This single feels and sounds like a natural progression; it’s hardly a re-invention of the group.  Just a band developing over time.

The breezy and smooth bass of the song paired with the dominant but higher electric strings creates the perfect combination of positivity and relaxation – just all round good vibes.  The sound of this song isn’t intense or overwhelming, it’s a feel good track which makes you long for a beach and a road trip.

Although, the lyrics deal with themes such as being out of your comfort zone and feeling out of place and not quite fitting in which, arguably, are ‘intense’ through lyrics which sing ‘we don’t belong anywhere’ the song quickly comes full circle as it reveals that at its core it is about recognising that you have someone by your side to help you through it all with lyrics such as ‘it’s us against the world’.

Overall this song has all the makings of being a long lasting hit.  I’ve listened to it on repeat for a number of weeks now and still go back.  Get streaming now so when the world goes live again you are prepared to sing/scream along to this song with the guys performing in the flesh.

You can keep up with the band at the below:

Instagram – @marksharpmusic

Twitter – @marksharpmusic

Bandcamp –

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