Jodie Rae lays all her cards on the table on vulnerable debut single ‘Creepin’

[Artwork credit: Shot by Will]

By Kieran Cannon

The very first single by Scottish singer-songwriter Jodie Rae has landed – and it’s a pretty powerful statement of intent. Based in and around the west coast of Scotland, Jodie has dedicated herself to thespian pursuits for some time before rediscovering her passion for music a couple of years ago. A series of gigs & one global pandemic later, she has entered into the fray with her 2020-penned debut offering ‘Creepin’. Listen to it on Spotify below.

Channelling the raw honesty of influential female artists like Tracy Chapman and Alanis Morissette, Jodie Rae’s opening gambit is a bold statement. Instead of keeping her guard up and gradually introducing us into her world, we are immediately granted access to her innermost thoughts & anxieties on this stripped back number. By keeping instrumentation to a minimum, her captivating voice cuts through and delivers the message with all the intimacy of a pre-social distancing heart-to-heart over a few drinks.

Thematically, the track deals with the insecurities of a troubled relationship – the 2am overthinking sesh, the conflicting emotions. “I’ll savour this feeling / Knowing all the places you’ve been creepin” describes that strange feeling of self-inflicted mental torture – joining up the dots in your mind, convincing yourself they must be up to no good when they fall off the radar for a while. The wistful guitar finger-picked melody and delicate timbre of the string accompaniment contrasts beautifully with the potent, uncompromising lyrics, through which she strikes a perfect balance – simultaneously telling a deeply personal story while leaving enough room for interpretation to enable listeners to project their own experiences & extract their own meaning.

The good news is, if you love this track – and why wouldn’t you? – there’s plenty more where that came from. 2021 promises a whole raft of follow-up singles so keep your eyes peeled for more. Jodie Rae has all the hallmarks of a successful recording artist and a bright future surely beckons. We at The Music Files can’t wait to see what comes next.

Stay up to date with Jodie Rae via her socials below:

Facebook: @JodieRaeMusic
Instagram: @jodie_rae_music

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