Nicha Releases Brand New Single ‘Saltwater Song’

I first discovered Nicha and was blown away by her talent so you can understand my excitement to see that she has just released her new single ‘Saltwater Song’. Also known as Lucy Robinson, Nicha is a 23-year-old Northern Irish native. Nicha has a massive music taste but takes influence from the likes of; Tash Sultana, Loyle Carner, Jack Johnson, Bonobo and Jamie xx so you know that there’s going to be something special.

You first hear the most soft and elegant guitar, Lucy’s vocals then join the beautiful track and she has the most stunning and peaceful voice. I could listen to Nicha all day and not get bored! ‘Saltwater Song’ captures the perfect amount of raw emotion fused with the incredible rise and fall of the song which takes the listener on the most beautiful journey with Nicha.

Anyone can relate to the meaning behind ‘Saltwater Song’, Nicha tells the story of someone who is struggling to overcome personal issues but can’t manage to overcome these issues. The lyrics within the song describe forgetting what direction you are meant to be following to help you overcome the issues.

You can keep up to date with the wonderful Nicha via the socials below:
Nicha | Devices | Out Now!

Facebook: @nichalounge  

Instagram: @nichalounge  

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