By @myrrenporter

Rock n roll revellers Tonto released their debut single ‘Down the Hatch’ last month and we cannot get enough of it.

The single is only a snippet of what is yet to come from the Alloa quartet – previously known as Kieran Fisher and The Reel Movement before Lyle Finlay, Scott Archibald and Jason Strachan were recruited to form Tonto.

‘Down the Hatch’ has succeeded on putting Tonto well and truly on the map. It is riddled with infectious riffs and lyrics that ooze tongue and cheek. The fuzzy sounding melodical works allow for the new take on rock n roll which the group are striving for and they have done so exceptionally well.

Tonto are a group that reek of attitude and their tracks are no exception, you only need to look at the cover of their latest single to realise these lads are as cheeky as they sound. The band are a group that will appeal to the masses as the prospect of festivals and gigs look as promising as ever, making it more possible to vision ourselves giving it yaldi to ‘Down the Hatch.’

The group unleashed their latest single last month and continue to work hard, continuing to build their ever-growing fanbase with conversations of a debut album being released later in the year.

‘Down the Hatch’ is available to stream on all major platforms.

Make sure to follow Tonto on their social media platforms.


Twitter: @TontoOfficialUK

Instagram: @tontoofficialuk

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