Fife Five – Artesan Gaining Momentum With New Release Lifesaver

By Megan Hughes

Artesan is a five piece modern rock group hailing from Falkirk. The band is led by father, son duo Ronnie and Bryce Bisset. With the former on lead vocals and the latter playing lead guitar. The band is heavy on the strings with a second guitar player in the midst, Will Treeby, and Dickson Telfer (Vulture Party / L Space) on the bass – meaning it is no surprise that the song opens with an acoustic guitar and climaxes with a skilled guitar solo. Drummer Stuart Blackwood does well to carry the guys throughout the song ensuring the song doesn’t feel too empty.

The band started strong last year when they released their debut single which was met with praise by both listeners and critics.  Sadly, a global pandemic and national lockdown stalled their expected progress.  Give the guys a tough year of restrictions and they are back better than ever with their new single Life Saver which is certainly helping them regain that momentum that they lost.

The song itself is a bit of a contradiction.  It is heavy but uplifting.  You can feel the heavy emotions which set the foundations for the songs sound and lyrics but the lyrics, also, touch on pulling yourself out of the tough times you are going through.  It has a very fluid feel to it which is appropriate given then ideology of cleansing oneself and getting themselves out of the depths of despair.

An extended version of the song exists which the group plans on releasing when they launch their EP.  This band has survived a pandemic, they are made of strong stuff and it looks like they are moving from strength to strength.  It shall be an interesting one to see what else they have in the pipeline.

Lifesaver is out now and available to be streamed.

To keep up with Artesan you can follow them at the below

Instagram – @Artesan_band

Twitter – @Artesan_band

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